asian individuality v. solidarity

화요일 아침/조/오전 火曜日 火曜日/午前: check out this newsweek magazine article that i read this morning: “my turn: i’m not who you think i am” by carol paik.  did you finish reading it?  why is it that every time an east coast asian-american opens his or her mouth, it’s like he or she just discovered that he or she is asian?!  sorry, i’m being very frank and blunt right now.  [later, 저녁 이지만 아직도 퇴근 안했어요.] you see, i wanted to forward that article on to phil huang in response to his comment in an e-mail between him, toby, the beautiful kaela hwang, and me: phil had sent an article that his friend guy branum wrote, criticising chelsea clinton’s involvement in her mother hillary’s presidential campaign, pushing the idea that she’s just being exploited to paint a less-than-true image that the clinton family is a normal family.  guy talked about how he had publically insulted (jokingly threatened) chelsea back when we were in college and suffered legal consequences.  anyway, i reminisced about our school days and pointed out to phil, toby, and kaela that my only interaction with guy branum was “yelling some bad obscenities at him out the driver seat window of my hand-me-down volvo on durant after he washed off ed park’s campaign chalkings.  a couple days later, i met my future wife.”  that’s true.  i drove kaela to noah’s bagels a few mornings later, parked on that very same street where i had cursed at guy branum.  anyway, this is all besides the point.  phil response meandered into this comment: “What is Ed Park doing these days?  And his pal Eric – wasn’t he a lawyer?  It’s funny but what I recall immediately about Eric is his eyebrow ring.  That and his love for France.  Asians should be OK with individuality.  The kids below us seem to embrace it better than our cohort (30-35).”  well, from the newsweek article’s title, i thought i could foward it as a response to phil’s comments; but i think it’s neither that appropos nor very clever.  in fact; honestly, it’s barely interesting.  it’s as if a restaurant critic wrote an article that said, “hey, i discovered this new food the other day.  it’s called pizza… and i love it!”  sure, i’m being facetious; but i mean, it’s like the author is saying, “kids, used to make fun of me because i’m asian.  then, i grew up and realised that they were right.”  okay, not really…  yeah, honestly, i don’t mean to rip on this article that much.  however, if you really want to learn more about the “all looks the same” issue; then isntead read that short new york times article which quotes me.  ha ha…

here’s an article for me: “after meniscectomy, thigh muscle weakness impairs knee function.”  by judith gorch, senior writer, medpage today; 2006년12월04일.  i’m worried about my knee in the location where i used to have a lateral meniscus.

i hear some songs i like on 105.7 fm la kalle.  which ones are they?  i don’t know, but here are the top songs from their website:

  • aventura – el perdedor
  • dj flex – te quiero
  • alexis & fido / toby love – soy igual que tú
  • wisin & yandel – sexy movimiento
  • pitbull/li’l jon – the anthem
  • don omar – canción de amor
  • don omar – ayer la ví
  • juanes – gotas de agua dulce
  • la factoría – perdóname.

maybe it’s the la factoria song.  i’ve liked la factoria’s songs in the past.

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