there is such a thing as an almost free lunch.

2011년08월31일, 수요일 점심: i’m waiting for the beautiful kaela hwang at the sunnyvale pasta pomodoro.  [later] we had a good lunch at pasta pomodoro, and you know what?  it was all free!  crazy, huh?  you see, i had my free birthday entrée voucher, and i ordered the same steak salad that i ordered last week except i specifically asked for my skirt steak rare this time since, when i asked for it “medium rare” last time, it came out more than well done (more like simply burnt).  kaela ordered the melanzane pasta but substituted fettuccine for the fusili and added grilled chicken breast; but the chicken breast was very undercooked, so the manager took it off the bill.  both of our meals were free.  i still made sure to leave a good cash tip since the waitress still served us, you know?

the steak salad has been my low carb, pasta.less choice at pasta pomodoro these days.

the steak salad has been my low carb, pasta.less choice at pasta pomodoro these days.

ewan was asleep in his stroller during lunch.  otherwise, we might have had to order him something off of the restaurant’s kids menu.  both kaela and i usually dread kids menus because they usually have atrociously unhealthy choices, stuff that adults should not eat, let alone children: macaroni and cheese, fried chicken strips, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers (with bun and all), hot dogs (with bun), et cetera.  we have come to appreciate the grilled chicken skewers at red robin.  we get that for ewan with a side of broccoli and milk as a drink.  the pasta pomodoro kids menu had a meal for $5.99 which includes the choice of one pasta with one sauce, a drink – milk, organic apple juice, or bottomless soda (for crying out loud), and a vanilla aisukuriimu fudge sundae (whoa!).  what the heck?!  that’s horrible!  however, i saw that there were some “add.on” side items that could work: grilled chicken for $1.25 and broccoli for $1.25.  i wonder if they would have let us order both of those with their tomato and cream sauce.  that could work.  kaela pointed out that the kids colouring menu had a picture of the old food group pyramid, which recommends six to eleven servings of grains and starches each day.  whoa!  i might sometimes get six servings of grains and starches in one day now and then; but eleven?!  sure, back when i was at my fittest and was eating a half dozen bagels a day, i was obviously eating my eleven servings of grains and starches each day; but, wow, nowadays, i probably rarely get that carbed up.

after lunch, we browsed through the c.j. olson’s cherry stand.  the prices were kind of high, and i didn’t see anything so special that i was will buy it, especially since most of the fruit isn’t organic.  they do have some organic stuff, but less than i wanted to see.  actually, it’s fine that we didn’t buy anything there because i received my farm fresh to you organic produce shipment at my office today.  i bought this through a groupon deal.  my shipment contains:

  1. 1 pound of lemon cucumbers
  2. 1 cantaloupe
  3. 5 red plums
  4. 1 pint of mission figs
  5. 2 cartons of heirloom tomatoes
  6. 1 pound of eggplants
  7. 1 carton of padron hot peppers
  8. 1 bunch of green leaf lettuce

before meeting kaela and (sleeping) ewan for lunch, i did manage to hit up the sunnyvale skate park for at least a short lunchtime skateboarding session.  it was a beautiful afternoon there.  it wasn’t too hot even though it was very sunny.  i could have used more cloud cover, but i’m just glad that i wasn’t sweating through a heatwave.  this entire summer was not really all that hot, i have to admit.  sure, it got hot here and there, but we really didn’t have any really bad heatwaves.  *sigh* and now it’s almost fall/autumn…  anyway, yeah, i had fun skateboarding.  i’m still a little shy with ollieing the corner of the pyramid since i banged up my left knee so much a couple of weeks ago.  that knee is feeling much better, and the swelling has subsided, but i still have a bump at the point of impact.  i don’t know what you call “swellbow” when it occurs on a knee.  i haven’t been doing enough skateboarding lately, and i just don’t feel all that confident with doing my usual tricks and manoeuvres.  a few weeks ago, i felt much more “one with my skateboard.”  it’s okay though because i’m at the peak of my djing season with all these weddings and other gigs.  i just need to feel “one with my turntables and mixer” for now.

i did actually make it out also for a morning skateboard walk with sooni again today.  even though it delayed my morning a little; after kaela woke up and was up and about the house and able to help me take care of ewan, i slipped out for like ten minutes to take sooni for that skateboard walk on my santa cruz homer simpson setup.  man, i feel like i go so much faster with these big sims pure juice wheels.  it feels a lot more like snowboarding; and, as i said before, i am starting really to miss snowboarding.  my android runkeeper app used to give me speed data on a graph on my online account, but that feature seems to have disappeared for no good reason.  i have been searching for it but can no longer find it.  thus, i am not sure just how fast i was going when i felt like i was going fast, but my overall average speed for the entire ride was much better than usual.  since runkeeper seems to have gone downhill, i may need to find a different app to keep track of stuff like this.  that’s too bad.  runkeeper seemed like a good app for a while.  it has also had other problems lately; for example, the app will say that the gps tracking is working when i start an activity but then the app will show no movement.  then i’ll need to stop the recording of the activity and restart it.  i don’t know what’s going on with that.  anyway, i obviously still go much faster on a snowboard than on a skateboard.  however, having this cruiser board with the wide, steady deck and trucks and the big, soft wheels really tempts me to find a hill to bomb down.  i figure that would feel more like snowboarding.  however, where can i find a nice hill to skateboard down that isn’t too dangerous?  *shrug*  i know people like downhill skateboarding in san francisco; but it also looks very dangerous there.  back when i was a kid, my friend jeff and i did a little downhill skateboarding on some of the hills of almaden.  i wonder if i could ever go back to those hills. *shrug*  i wonder when the snowboarding season will start this year.  i received my buyer’s guide issues of my snowboarding magazines this week.  wow!  it really is autumn, right?  well… technically it isn’t, but labour day is this coming monday!

every so often, it is interesting to run the facebook fried finder function and see who facebook thinks should be your friends.  it can also be a big waste of time, clicking around to figure out whose friends these people are to figure out why facebook thinks they should be your friends.

[a little later] 저녁 이지만 아직도 퇴근 안했어요: i hope to attend sach’s wednesday, 700p turbo kickboxing  (tkb) class at the east fremont avenue, sunnyvale 24 hour fitness sport tonight.  i stayed too late at the gym on monday night.  i still am looking for a better way to keep my workouts within my allowed time limit, you know?  i didn’t do circuit training on monday.  i warmed up on an elliptical machine, lifted weights, and then stretched.  i should probably learn more circuit routines.  i’m contemplating at least signing up for another round of personal training before the end of the year.  i could sign up with one of those trainers that do crossfit.  perhaps i’ll get better results that way.  my last personal trainer was a body builder, and he mostly just wanted to try to build muscle on me.  as i said, i don’t mind that i seem to have some bigger muscles now than before; but i still want to lose the belly fat.  however, i don’t have time to do endurance activities.  while browsing through the 24 hour fitness website, i found this “workout card” that seems to list out a typically suggested, very “run of the mill” workout:

  1. warm.up cardio (5~10 minutes)
  2. warm.up stretches
  3. chest press
  4. seated row
  5. leg press
  6. leg extension
  7. leg curl
  8. shoulder press (push)
  9. triceps extension
  10. biceps/arm curl
  11. abdominal crunches
  12. cool down cardio (5~10 minutes)
  13. cool down stretches

yeah, that’s very run of the mill.  would that work for me?  recently, instead of just doing 135.pound bench presses, i have been doing 145 pounds.  i’m happy that i have finally moved beyond 135 pounds.  it’s about time.  i have been lifting that olympic bar with that pair of 45.pound plates since… *shrug* at least college if not high school.  at times, i have been stronger; and at times i have been weaker.  maybe in high school, i was still only benching 115 pounds (the olympic bar with a pair of 35.pound plates).  i forget.  however, typically, i wouldn’t use the free weights for bench press if i couldn’t handle at least a pair of 45.pound plates on the olympic bar.

the k.drama 동안 미녀 dongan minyuh (“babyfaced beauty”) ended on kbs america last week, so a new k.drama 스파이 명월 spy myuhngwol started up this past monday night.  it looks like it has significant potential in that it looks to be possibly up at the same level as 도망자: plan b domangja: plan b (fugitive: plan b).  i hope it is.

동안 미녀 dongan minyuh had its fun points, but i can’t say that it will go down in history as one of my most favourite k.dramas.  i just don’t think the “romantic chemistry” or whatever you call it was plausible.  i think one of the highlights of the series was when the 장나라 jang nara’s main heroine character sang for her coworkers at the campfire, at her company’s retreat, and catches the eyes of the two main male characters.  she sang some song called “마녀 여행을 떠나다 manyuh yuhhaengeul dduhnada”  (the witch leaves on her journey” or perhaps “the witch takes flight.”) by some 1990s group called 코나 kona.  hearing that song made me reminisce back to a time when i listened to more of 잔아라 jang nara’s music back at the turn of the millennium.  still, i think a lot of the trials in the plot seemed a bit contrived.  i wonder if the writers were trying to make a k.drama that brought in elements of fashion reality shows like project runway or something like that.  also, i feel that the ending was a bit rushed.  at least it had the kind of ending that brings total closure to all the relationship issues.  some k.dramas have vague endings, and that‘s not good.

yesterday, during lunch, kaela and i also wrapped up the sbs k.drama 내게 거짓말 해봐 naegei guhjitmal haebwa (“lie to me”).  that one also had a decent ending, but sometimes i still feel like there isn’t total closure when i don’t get to see…. (if you are afraid that i’ll spoil the ending for you, please skip to the next paragraph now!) …a wedding.  (i bet that it’s not really easy to skip to the next paragraph, huh?)

here’s a random public health (i guess) article link: “sugary drinks add 300 calories a day to youths’ diets” by nanci hellmich.

here’s another random article, but this one is about a jewish skateboard company: “what makes a skateboard kosher?” by jonah lowenfeld.  you’re probably more used to my posting up links for christian skateboarding institutions and companies; but eh… why not post up a link to something to do with a jewish skateboard company?  i mean, you know… “jewish” can refer to a culture/race/ethnicity as well as a religion, and well, it’s not bad to promote religious tolerance anyway… and i don’t say that just from an “american societal” standpoint but from a biblical standpoint.

here’s a link to the music video to the original recording of that song i discussed above that 장나라 jang nara sang in 동안 미녀 dongan minyuh: 코나 kona – “마녀 여행을 떠나다 manyuh yuhhaengeul dduhnada.”  how’s that for some 1990s throw back reminiscing?  watching that video reminded me that the bmw z3 has been around a lot longer than i realised.  man, time flies.

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