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It's Finally Up!

Welcome to the new bridges website for the 2013-2014 academic school year. With a new year comes a new website redesign! Please feel free to explore the website as we hope to make this website very user-friendly. This site will serve as a resource for all high school, community college and current Berkeley undergrads. There are still more features to be added to this site very soon! -Tony

Get Help from UC Berkeley Students

It's college application season and that means it is time to prepare your personal statements. Remember that schools are not just looking at GPAs and test scores but your personal statement as well -- this is the piece that separates you apart from your peers. Co-hosted by the bridges High School Recruitment and Transfer Directors, we will be having Personal Statement workshops every Saturday at the UC Berkeley campus from 1pm to 4pm in 220 Wheeler. For more information or to apply:

Coming soon to a UC Berkeley campus near you!

ONE Week is an annual weeklong event in which bridges hosts a number of events and functions to dialogue on a certain topic. This year the theme is "Affirmative Action." This concept is instrumental in the formation of our organization. How you ask? Well be on the lookout for more information about ONE Week in the very near future!

What is bridges?

bridges Multicultural Resource Center is a coalition of student-initiated and student-run Recruitment and Retention Centers, or RRC for short. RAZA (Chican@/Latin@ RRC), BRRC (Black RRC), PASS (Pilipino Academic Student Services), REACH! (Asian Pacific Islander RRC) and NARRC (Native American RRC) have been established prior to the formation of bridges. These RRCs existed due to a lack of underrepresented students on the UC Berkeley campus.

Following the passage of SP-1 and SP-2, two University policies that banned affirmative action procedures on the UC level, Proposition 209 was voted into effect in 1996 which effectively banned race, sex, and ethnicity consideration in public sectors. As a result, the work of the RRCs was illegal because the centers used race-based outreach which was banned as a result. These centers came together to form a multicultural coalition - bridges to circumnavigate the system and provide an arena for collaborative efforts.

Throughout the years, bridges has a rich sense of political activism at the University. We were the first student organization to repeal a UC-wide policy (SP-1). We have boycotted Senior Weekend, an outreach event aimed to recruit admitted underrepresented Cal students, which produced a drop of 50% in students of color. To date, bridges Senior Weekend has been the most successful yield event that the University has. bridges was a large stakeholder during the Bake Sale Protest and Occupy. In addition, we are currently involved in many crucial conversations regarding the state of diversity and equity on the UC Berkeley campus.

Our Coalition

Meet the various Recruitment & Retention Centers and related organizations that work in conjunction with bridges. The Recruitment and Retention Centers’ goal is to increase the enrollment of underrepresented and underprivileged students of color in institutions of higher education. Another goal of these RRCs is to improve the retention rate of students of color through various programs and events.

  • Black Recruitment and Retention Center (BRRC)
  • Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC)
  • Pilipino Academic Student Services (PASS)
  • Chican@/Latin@ Recruitment and Retention Center (Raza)
  • Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center (REACH!)
  • Arab Recruitment and Retention Center (ARRC)
  • Mixed Student Union