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Our Mission

The mission of the Engineering Student Council is to represent the engineering student body; support engineering societies in reaching their full potential; and promote a diverse community through successful collaboration between students, faculty, societies, and the College of Engineering.

Community Support

Empowering our core community to explore diverse opporunities in engineering sciences.

Community Events

Hosting interactive speaker sessions, conferences, and activities to strengthen our networks and to encourage professional development.

Student Engagement

Empowering students to take active roles in spanning new directions of engineering, technology, and science.

Our Team

Brad Windsor

Greetings! I am a fourth year chemical engineer from Fremont, CA, with a minor in applied math. In addition to the ESC, I am very involved with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. I spend much of my free time swing dancing. Things which I never turn down include wrestling, frisbee, the board game Pente, and vanilla flavored tea. If you ever see me around campus please introduce yourself. I love meeting new people.

Jingting Wu

I'm a third year chemical engineering student minoring in EECS. I am also involved in ChemE Car, AIChE, and Berkeley Scientific Journal. I work in the radioactive waste management lab (it's very cool and environment + safety driven) under Prof. Joonhong Ahn. Besides school, I enjoy cooking, watching basketball and football, and playing frisbee.

Yike Qin


Zach Zeleznick

An aspiring bioengineer and UX Designer, Zach loves to examine life's problems through a scientific lens and devise solutions to maximize his total utils. When he finds time in between battling a technical-heavy course load, balancing extra-curricular activities, and overcoming the banalities of off-campus housing, Zach is likely to be actively learning about body mechanics through sports and outdoor activities (biking, kayaking, rock-climbing; etc.) or discussing life's mysteries with his friends.

Anita Cheung

Following Toyota's Kaizen principle, there is no end to to learning and there is no end to improvement. By this philosophy, my end goal is not perfection but rather improvement.

Edgar Salgado

Jessica Hsueh

Hi! I'm Jessica, a third-year bioengineering major.




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