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Progress on life focuses: shifting my creative processes in life

After reading Steve Palvina's article on having many interests, I decided to break down and reflect upon what I need to focus on. I do believe it's possible to have many interests in life, as it allows you to grow as a person. As some of you guys might know, I am really interested in [...]

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Exactly the kind of work I’d want to do with urban design

And also, a quote from my urban design reader, from Allan B. Jacobs and Donald Appleyard's "Toward an Urban Design Manifesto" "A city should have magical places where fantasy is possible, a counter to and an escape from the mundaneness of everyday work and living. People need an escape from the seriousness of everyday. The [...]

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Organic public space: Madison Square Park; Oakland Chinatown

This was taken about 8am at Madison Square Park in the Downtown Area on June 14th. A whole variety of activities are take place here: tai chi, fan & sword dancing, qi gong, and even badminton (in the back). What’s interesting about this park is that it has a lot of concrete, yet a lot [...]

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