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New Years Resolutions

To start out the New Year better; 1) Balance my passions with the friends around me. 2) Learn what it means to build trust, empathy, and love among the friends around me. 3) Delegating is the key to successful teamwork. 4) Spend more time outside the social networking realm (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, etc.). 5) Learn how to [...]

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UC Berkeley Schedule Spring 2011

Spring 2011: (CIVIL ENGINEERING 155) Transportation Engineering Systems (3) (CITY PLANNING 111) Housing : An International Survey (3) (PUBLIC HEALTH C285) Traffic Safety and Injury Control (3) (CIVIL ENGINEERING 93) Civil Engineering Data Analysis (3) (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 98) Bicycle Mechanics and Safety Decal (1) (CITY PLANNING 118AC) The Urban Community (4) Total: 17 Units

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