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CO2GO – carbon footprint in real-time

Today, more than a third of global CO2 emissions are generated by transportation. CO2GO, a new type of smartphone application, is an effective tool that assists in making smarter individual transportation choices to collectively reduce carbon emissions in cities. Making sophisticated use of the sensors contained in a standard smartphone (accelerometer, GPS, …) carried in [...]

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This is too epik

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Participatory Boston Chinatown!

If community / participatory planning were more elaborate like a video game . . .

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Times Square Bike Lane!

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Fall 2011 Schedule

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Downtown San Leandro Parking Map

I made this about a year ago, and found this in my old blog. Blue represents public parking by many owners, and red represents store-owned parking by one owner. It’s fascinating how parking can shape how our cities look today and make it easier for people to drive. View Parking Spaces in Downtown San Leandro, CA in a [...]

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Why traveling / study abroad is so important: a personal perspective

Some people have told me or given me weird looks saying that I should not study abroad as an engineer. I’ve written previously about my desire to study abroad in Seoul my senior year in college. Reasons I’ve heard against include: I do not have the time to fit into my schedule, and do not [...]

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Street View in Korea: Daum!

I didn’t realize Daum, one of Korea’s major web portals, had a street view platform on its maps:

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East Coast! Here I come

Will be back on July 13th!

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