Status: 2nd year Biophysics graduate student: UC-Berkeley Biophysics Graduate Group

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have officially joined the lab of Prof. George Oster, and will be working on mathematical models of molecular motors (love the alliteration)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first iteration of my weblog is now open for perusal. It is meant to be a more dynamic page than this current one, and hopefully I will update it on as regular a basis as my schedule permits.

1st rotation: Prof. Wayne Getz's Lab

2nd Rotation: Prof. Chakraborty's Lab

3rd Rotation: Prof. Adam Arkin's Lab

4th Rotation: Prof. George Oster's Lab

BioE 142 Final Project: PWComp: A graph comparative metabolic pathway tool

Update: I have just returned from Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School in New Mexico

Pirate's Cove 8.3km Trail Race, March 27th 2004. 1st Place Finisher, Unofficial time: 43:12, Led start to finish, although I had a guy 10 meters behind me most of the race. It was a nasty course, 1000 ft up, 1000 ft down, and then the last 200m or so on sand. Copyright ©2004 Joshua L. Adelman - All Rights Reserved