Green River Tourbook

General Notes: Green River had four proper tours: Fall, 1985 from Seattle to the East Coast; Spring, 1986 in the Northwest; Fall, 1986 on the West Coast; and Fall, 1987 on the West Coast. Those tours are accounted for and have separate notes for the tours as a whole. Aside from those tours, Green River did not play any further away from Seattle than Portland or Vancouver, Canada. Most of their Seattle-area shows are probably accounted for below, with the exception of things such as their litany of Ditto Tavern shows. Some shows are known, but with no information as to the date. They're listed at the bottom, though they all occurred before 8/21/87.

They're known to have performed several covers live, though show dates for them aren't known. They played Iggy and the Stooges' 'Search and Destroy,' Aerosmith's 'Someone' (many times) and 'Nobody's Fault' (once or twice), and The New York Dolls' 'Vietnamese Baby.'

7/1/84 (House Party). Seattle, WA (50 min)
Attendance: 20-30
Supporting: Positive Metal Attitude
Set: (Jam), Baby Help Me Forget, New God, 10000 Things, Leech, (Barbara Ann), Personality Meltdown, (unknown), 33 RPM, Against the Grain, Tunnel of Love
Notes: This Green River's first public performance, at a private party on First Hill's 12th Ave and Yessler St. PMA lived out of a storefront on the corner and put on shows there. As they're playing the an introductory jam, Mark takes a few minutes to address the crowd, thanking PMA for letting them open, thanking the crowd for coming out, and directing them to where they can find the beer. After "Leech," while everyone is re-tuning, Steve sings a snippet of the Beach Boy's "Barbara Ann." "Tunnel of Love" is introduced by Mark as "a short, little operatic piece called '21 12.'" Mark: "The very first show we played was at a storefront at 12th and Yesler in the Central District. Some friends of ours had this sort of a psychedelic Velvet Underground/Dream Syndicate kind of band called PMA, and they had a party at their place. They actually lived in this storefront." The unknown song is a Green River original, the title of which has been lost to time. Mark: "There were maybe like 20, 30 people or something, and the show was a lot of fun; really positive, really great...Stone was already in the band when we played our first show (without him). He didn't play because he didn't feel like he knew the songs well enough."

8/11/84 The Grey Door. Seattle, WA
Supported By: The Melvins, 'R' Gang, False Liberty
Notes: This is Stone's first show with the band, and the band's second show. Chris Friel, who was in Shadow with Mike McCready said of the show, "I was pretty blown away. I was the only Green River fan in Shadow. I told the rest about the gig, and they all started laughing." Mike and Stone would later play together in Pearl Jam. Mark: "I can remember the second show too, which was the exact opposite (of the first show)! For some reason, nothing gelled, and I remember thinking, 'Maybe this whole singing in a band thing isn't what I should be doing...'"

8/24/84 Lincoln Arts Center. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Fang, House of Commons
Supported By: DSML, The Fags
Notes: Krist Novaselic in Backfire, May 2001: "I saw Fang at some ballet studio near Pioneer Square. Green River opened for them."

9/14/84 The Lincoln Arts Center. Seattle, WA
Supporting: D.O.A., Immoral Roberts
Supported By: DSML
Notes: This show ended in a riot with a police car overturned and burned.

09/25/84 Mountaineers. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Black Flag, Saccharine Trust
Supported By: Tom Troccoli

9/28/84 Tropicana. Olympia, WA (40 min)
Supporting: The U-Men, The Noxious Fumes, The Melvins
Supported By: GCD
Notes: Mark taunts the crowd by referring to the gig taking place in Tumwater, WA, which offends some Olympians.

10/19/84 The Moore Theater. Seattle, WA
Supporting: The Dead Kennedys, The Crucifucks
Notes: Half the crowd seemed to enjoy it, the rest pelted the band with popcorn, ice and shoes. The Seattle Times ran a show review that focused on how horrible the bands' names were.

12/7/84 Gorilla Gardens. Seattle, WA
Also on Bill: The Butthole Surfers
Set: "Green River River", Corner of My Eye, New God, Ride of Your Life, P.C.C., Your Own Best Friend, Swallow My Pride, Tunnel of Love
Notes: This setlist is from a 1984 show at the Gorilla Gardens, and this is the only known show that fits the bill. This is the only known performance of Your Own Best Friend (from the Deep Six compilation), Corner of My Eye, and New God. Green River River (possibly a different final word) is an unknown song, and may be an introductory jam, which they were fond of doing.

1/19/85 Gorilla Gardens Omni Room. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Sonic Youth, The U-Men

3/30/85 Gorilla Gardens Omni Room. Seattle, WA
Also on Bill: The Thrown Ups, The Melvins, Agent 86

5/23/85 The Crescent Ballrooom. Tacoma, WA
Supporting: Red Kross
Supported By: Soundgarden, Malfunkshun
Notes: Mark: "There was a Green River show at The Crescent Ballroom where I was out of my mind on MDMA. And we're playing with Redd Kross and I hung from this light fixture and everyone thought it would kill me cause I'd climbed up a PA stack and jumped up to this fluorescent light fixture held up by two chains and I started swinging it like it was a swing and it was just something I did while I was high on drugs." Mark wore a dress while performing.

7/7/85 Gorilla Gardens Rock Theatre. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Part Time Christians
Notes: Malfunkshun was originally on this bill, but pulled out before the show.

8/16/85 Gorilla Gardens Omni Room. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Supported By: Upright Citizens

Notes on the Fall, 1985 Tour: They were scheduled for 16 shows and ended up doing only 7 or 8. The shows listed are in probably in correct order relative to each other, even though the specific dates aren't known. The tour didn't go particularly well. Alex: "Other disastrous things that happened on that tour. The record didn't come out until about a month after the tour." Mark: "While Steve was safely in school we were stuck in the midwest. We had seven shows altogether; it was kind of like a vacation; we all worked and saved up money for the tour. The problem was, no one knew anything about us. (Come on Down's release had been delayed) so we didn't have any records out. We did two shows opening for Big Black: they had records, but there was still only 30 or 40 people there. We headlined CBGB, playing to six people: four Japanese tourists and two people that worked there. I guess they liked us; all six stayed for the entire show. Maxwell's, in Hoboken, New Jersey, was pretty good as well." Daniel House (of C/Z Records, who released Deep Six): "Back then, even going to Portland was a big deal. The first two bands to go on tour were the U-Men and Green River, and they got full stories in (local music paper) The Rocket. They had big going away shows!"

Alex: "The tour fell The tour fell apart partially there was nothing to back us up with. All these dates were supposedly set up by Gerard Cosloy - but we found that he never followed up on them. That's when we learned that you either set the dates up yourself - or get a manager. Besides, the record was to come out about a month and a half before we left so at least we had something in hand...Then a month...Then two weeks...Then the day of...And it didn't come out until about a month or so afterwards." They played shows only while heading East. Alex: "After the whole debacle on the east coast thing, when we got done in NY we busted for home as fast as possible."

10/??/85 Pullman, WA
Notes: This show was supposed to be the start of the tour. It was most likely cancelled.

10/??/85 Spokane, WA
Notes: This show might have taken place instead of the Pullman, WA show.

10/??/85 Missoula, MT

10/??/85 Havre, MT (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Minneapolis, MN (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Madison, WI (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Milwaukee, WI (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Chicago, IL (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Cleveland, OH (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Pittsburgh, PA (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Boston, MA (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Providence, RI (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Washington, D.C. (CANCELLED)

10/??/85 Cincinnati, OH
Supporting: Big Black
Notes: Alex: "Steve Albini, from what I remember, is a really nice guy. We did a show with them in Cincinnati where hardly anybody showed up.-the Red Hot Chili Peppers stole away the whole crowd from across town. While we played to almost nobody, the power went out. We thought they cut the power off on us and Mark got pissed! He unplugged all the mics and chucked them into the crowd (or what there was of a crowd). It turned out to be a blown fuse, so we gathered up all the mics and put them all in place - except one was missing, and it turned out to be the $500 mic. Needless to say, we didn't get paid, but Steve was nice enough to help us out with a few bucks from their payout. (As a side note, the guy who ran the club was gunning around town trying to find us. There were some girls who were at the show who knew that he was not a good fellow. So they hid us out of town in one of their father's cabins until we could get to our next show. Nothing happened, except that Jeff learned to properly tease his hair.)

10/??/85 Columbus, OH
Supporting: Big Black

11/1/85 The Graystone Hall. Detroit, MI
Supporting: Samhain
Notes: Mark remembers of this disasterous show, "Detroit was the worst...everyone had this bad-ass attitude. We're thinking it's going to be great - 'Yeah, the Stooges, MC5.' But these people just wanted everything fast. Jeff was wearing a pink tank-top with 'San Francisco' in purple letters, and with his hair (big and flowing), well you can imagine. This one girl kept spitting at me, and Jeff put his foot out to block the spit. But this guy thought he was kicking her in the face. He was huge, and pulled Jeff right into the crowd. In the past, I've been pulled into the crowd, and Jeff rescued me, so now was my chance to help him out. But Jeff is a big guy, and I'm not. Still, I jumped in. The guy was a seven-foot-tall brick of a man; the only thing that saved our asses was an armed policeman."

Of the show, Jeff remembered in a 11/6/00 KNDD interview, "I think it was like our third show, this was Green River. And we were half way across the country in Detroit. It's Halloween, and we're playing this place called the Greystoke in Detroit with Samhain, who is Glenn Danzig. And its Green River, and we're kinda at our kind of most glam, Green River, like Mark's wearing his silver tights, I think wearing like a pink San Francisco t-shirt, and Stone's got a big scarf wrapped around his neck. And we're opening up for Samhain on Halloween in Detroit. And people in the front were like spitting at us, and this whole thing is going on, and then this girl who was right in front of Mark, who just kept like spitting at him. Like Mark would get right down at the edge of the stage, and this girl would like spit right in his face. So I put my foot down, kinda in front of her face. And her boyfriend from behind, like grabbed me, pulled me off the stage, into the crowd, and I got pummeled! I was like in the crowd with my bass, just going 'whirrrrrr' and I'm just getting like, beat to death. It was horrible. And then...and then, Cwent up to get paid afterwards...after, you know, after probably the most humbling experience ever, and, Corey Rusk, who, he was in The Necros at that point, I was really excited to meet him, 'cause I loved The Necros, and runs Touch and Go now. He was the promoter for the show, we were supposed to make like a hundred bucks, which was a huge payday for us at that point. He's paying Danzig like $12,000, or whatever he was making that show. And I put my hand out, and he goes 'Man, I thought you guys sucked, I'm only giving you 25.' I just put my head down, and I'm like, I gotta to back and tell the band that we only made 25 bucks."

11/??/85 Maxwell's. Hoboken, NJ
Supported By: Fear of Ordinary Life
Notes: They weren't scheduled to play Maxwell's or even Hoboken, but got this show by luck when the tour started falling apart. This probably occurred the day before the New York City show, making it most likely 11/3/85.

11/??/85 CBGB's. New York City, NY
Attendance: 6
Notes: Two of the six in attendance are employees and the other four are Japanese tourists. Of the show, Jeff remembered in a 11/6/00 KNDD interview, "We'd save our money for three or four months, and go play, we'd drive to New York and play seven shows in a month or something, you know, just ridiculous things that you put yourself through. But it was all about having that experience of like, 'Man, we played CBGB's!' you know. 'There were six people there, but we played CBGB's!'" The venue staff liked Green River and was happy to do about anything for them, save for pay them money, as there was no door revenue. They were originally scheduled to play New York City, but not CBGB's, and got the gig their through luck when the tour started falling apart. There are incorrect reports that they played CBGB's a second time in early 1986, a show that Joe Perry attended. Green River played New York City only once. Alex: "The best show was playing last at CBGBs on a Monday night to six Japanese business men and the staff. (It actually was a great show. The staff liked us enough to give us anything we wanted - aside from cash because there was no one there)." This show probably occurred on 11/4/85.

??/??/85 The Ditto Tavern. Seattle, WA
Notes: Green River played a ton of shows at The Ditto Tavern in late 1985 and early 1986.

12/31/85 Gorilla Gardens Omni Room. Seattle, WA
Supported By: Shadow

1/11/86 UCT Skank Klub. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Saint Vitus, The Brood
Supported By: Circus of the Stars

3/22/86 "Deep Six Record Release Party." UCT Hall. Seattle, WA
Supported By: Soundgarden, The Melvins
Set: Bleeding Sheep (set incomplete)
Notes: This was the first of two shows celebrating the release of Deep Six. The second night featured The U-Men, Skin Yard and Malfunkshun.

Notes on the Spring, 1986 Mini-Tour: They may have played Missoula, MT on this mini-tour, as well. Tad Doyle of H-Hour is from Boise and Jeff is from Montana, which may have led to the bookings.

??/??/86 Spokane, WA
Also on Bill: H-Hour
Notes: This show occurred in the Spring.

??/??/86 Boise, ID
Also on Bill: H-Hour
Notes: This show occurred in the Spring.

??/??/86 Bozeman, MT
Notes: This show occurred in the Spring.

5/10/86 The Ditto Tavern. Seattle, WA
Notes: Green River played a ton of shows at The Ditto Tavern around this time.

6/2/86 "Air Aid: The Sequel". The Rainbow Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Uncle Ron's Air Raid, Mye Eye
Supported By: Skin Yard, Bundle of Hiss
Set: Unwind, This Town, Baby Takes, P.C.C. (set possibly incomplete)
Notes: This show was promoted by KCMU FM, who later broadcast at least part of it on the radio. It was part of a week-long series of shows at the Rainbow Tavern to benefit KCMU.

6/26/86 The Paramount Theater. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Public Image Ltd.
Notes: This show happened in late 1986. As Green River is finishing their set, Mark tells the audience, "Stick around if you want to see what a real sellout looks like." After their set, the guys steal PiL frontman Johnny Rotten's easy chair while Andy Wood takes all of his wine. Allegedly, this all inspired Rotten to write the song Seattle. Mark and Steve talked about the show in an 8/90 Maximumrocknroll interview:

MRR: Is the story about John Lyndon true?
Mark: What story?
MRR: Who played with Public Image? You guys or Green River?
Mark: Green River.
MRR: The story that you spit all over John Lyndon's mic.
Mark: No, no, no. There was this piece of paper tied down right by the mic that said "J.L.'s mic" and I knew this would bug him so I took my pen and I crossed out the J.L. and wrote M.A. Just little shit like that. They had these keyboards and stuff set up on the stage and said, "We're not gonna move this stuff so just be careful," and we said, "You better move this shit or we can't guarantee you that it's gonna be there when we're done because that's the kind of band we are," and they moved it. We pretty much stole all their beer when they were gone.
Steve: Andrew, the singer for Mother Love Bone, who was then the singer for Malfunkshun, took John Lyndon's wine and poured it all out.
MRR: This was where?
Mark: At The Paramount in Seattle. Anyway, he was pouring it out over the road crew...
Matt: Then you guys threw salami out of their tour bus.
Mark: Yeah, it was pretty out of hand, but it was a reaction to seeing someone that you respected at one point turning into something that you imagine that at one point he hated.
Steve: I never respected him at any point, really.
Mark: The first three records are great. I saw them a long time ago and it was an amazing show.
Steve: I never thought Johnny Rotten was a really cool dude. I thought The Clash were really cool.

7/10/86 The Retro. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Also on Bill: Ig-Pow glakmore

7/13/86 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: Das Damen

9/10/86 The Vogue. Seattle, WA
Notes: Free copies of the "Together We'll Never" 7" were given away.

10/13/86 The Town Pump. Vancouver, Canada
Supporting: SLOW
Notes: This was SLOW's last show.

10/17/86 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supporting: Saccharine Trust
Supported By: Hellcows, The Obituaries

11/01/86 The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Butthole Surfers
Supported By: 64 Spiders
Notes: Mark placed a foam cooler with green Jello on stage, planning to stick his head in it and then shake it over the crowd. The cooler broke, so instead he flung the Jello around at random, hitting the venue's big screen TV. Bruce: "We got 86'ed. They're like, 'You're never playing here again!' And a month later, they're like, 'Hey, you guys want to open for Sonic Youth?'" Mark: "The jello show was opening up for the Butthole Surfers at the Central. The Central didn't have a big TV screen...I don't remember getting a lifetime ban from the Central, that.s just probably hyperbole...The folks at The Central were pissed at us, but it seemed more like we got a scolding, like we were kids who didn't think things through (which we were)." If they were banned, the "un-ban" show may have been 12/28/86 with The Mentors instead of Sonic Youth. Green River never played a show at The Central with Sonic Youth.

Notes on the Fall 1986 Tour: The band had an old school bus as its tour vehicle, complete with broken-out windows and mis-spelled racial graffitti on the sides of it. The tour was originally scheduled to run through Texas, but the bus died in Los Angeles, leaving the band stranded. Jeff and Alex ended up stuck in Hollywood during Thanksgiving, which occurred on 11/27/86 (though they had a gig the next day, which doesn't quite add up to being "stuck").

11/6/86 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: Hellcows, The Obituaries

11/8/86 Ribcage. Eugene, OR

11/9/86 Medford, OR
Notes: This show might have taken place in Ashland (which is a dozen miles away in southern Oregon).

11/14/86 The VIZ Club. San Francisco, CA

11/15/86 Mabuhay Gardens. San Francisco, CA

11/22/86 Farm. San Francisco, CA
Also on Bill: Jetboys, Sea Hags

11/28/86 Anticlub. Los Angeles, CA
Also on Bill: SWA
Set: Searchin', One More Stitch, Unwind, Ain't Nothin' to Do, Porkfist, Ozzie (set incomplete)
Notes: These are the only known performances of 'Searchin',' and 'One More Stitch,' and the only known pre-break-up performance of 'Ozzie.'

12/??/86 Dallas, TX (CANCELLED)
Notes: The remainder of the tour was cancelled when their bus died in Southern California. They had dates lined up through Dallas, TX.

12/28/86 The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Mentors
Supported By: Malfunkshun

12/31/86 GESSCO Hall. Olympia, WA
Supported By: U-Men, Danger Mouse, The Primitives, Bundle Of Hiss
Notes: It may be that Girl Trouble headed the bill rather than Bundle of Hiss opened it.

1/24/87 The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Sea Hags
Supported By: Melvins

5/22/87 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supporting: Red Kross
Supported By: Downsider

5/29/87 Washington Hall. Seattle, WA
Supported By: My Eye, Cat Butt

6/5/87 The Scoundrel's Lair. Seattle, WA
Notes: This show was a record release party for Dry As a Bone.

6/??/87 Harpo's. Vancouver, Canada
Supported By: Bedspins, Noise Generation
Encore: Queen Bitch
Notes: Mark was front and center for the Bedspins' set, especially when they closed with a medley of the Alice Cooper Band's 'The Ballad of Dwight Fry' and Cheap Trick's 'He's a Whore.' Afterward, Mark told Bedspins that they reminded him of The Celibate Rifles.

7/1/87 The Vogue. Seattle, WA

7/10/87 Natasha's. Bremerton, WA
Set: Forever Means, Baby Takes, Porkfist, Together We'll Never, Unwind, Rehab Doll, Smiling and Dying, Swallow My Pride, This Town, Louie Louie, 10000 Things (set possibly incomplete)
Notes: Stone starts up the intro to "Rehab Doll" before the rest of the band has finished with "Unwind." Before "Louie, Louie," Mark asks the crowd, "What's the one word that the smartest man in Bremerton can say three times?" Someone in the crowd shouts, "Fuck you!" "That's two words. This is harder than I thought." "Louie, Louie" is stopped half-way through by Mark, and they go into "10,000 Things," which he introduces as being called "2112."

7/17/87 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: Snow Bud and the Flower People

8/8/87 Washington Hall. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Agent Orange
Notes: Mark stuck a fish in his pants for most of the show, and then swung it around, which left a smelly mess on Agent Orange's drum carpet. Bruce: "Love Battery ended up opening for Agent Orange years later and I reminded Mike Palm of the story, and he still wasn't pleased! I was totally laughing about it and he was just like, 'Yeah. Whatever.'"

8/21/87 Luna. Seattle, WA
Notes: This was Green River's last Seattle show before they broke up. The show takes place in a shoe store, and at one point, Mark announces, "This is the start of our shoe store circuit tour."

10/10/87 The Community World Theater. Tacoma, WA
Supporting: Flipper

Notes on Fall, 1987 Tour: Portland started the tour and Los Angeles ended it (and the band). They may have squeezed in a fourth proper show on 10/22/87.

10/21/87 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: Exploding Satans
Set: Ain't Nothin' to Do (set incomplete)
Notes: A gang of skinheads came to the show. During the last song of the show, Ain't Nothin' to Do, Mark rocks out by bringing his head down, Jeff rocks out by lifting the head of his bass, and the result is that Mark gets a big cut on his forehead. Mark is dealing with this in the bathroom after the show, and a wannabe skinhead comes in, sees the blood, says, "Oh, they already got you," and leaves. Apparently, his initiation was to beat up Mark.

10/??/87 KSLC-FM Studios. McMinnville, OR
Notes: Green River plays on the radio of Linfield College's student radio station. Mark went to school here for a year before transferring to the Univeristy of Washington. This probably took place on 10/21/87 or 10/22/87.

10/23/87 San Francisco, CA
Notes: Mark called this show good.

10/24/87 The Scream. Los Angeles, CA (40 min)
Attendance: 2,000
Supporting: Jane's Addiction
Set: Forever Means, Rehab Doll, Queen Bitch, Together We'll Never, By Her Own Hand, This Town, Smiling and Dying, Swallow My Pride
Encore: The Needle and the Damage Done/Ain't Nothing To Do
Notes: This show was a part Green River's five day tour down the West Coast. Green River's last show before breaking up. The tensions in the band come to a head at this show. From Mark: "We went down to L.A., and had a guest list of 10 people, all of whom were from major labels. Only two of them came. Meanwhile, I wanted to get my friends in and they [the band] said 'No, it's really important that we get these industry people in.' But these people didn't give a shit about us; I'd rather have had my friends come in for free." After "Queen Bitch," Bruce and Alex disappear for a second. Mark tells the crowd, "We lost our rhythm guitarist. All we've got left is a hat. We lost our drummer. Anyone know how to drum? Oh, they're back. Hello, L.A.!" and they launch into "Together We'll Never." "By Her Own Hand" has the same lyrics as the Mudhoney song, but different music. "The Needle and The Damage Done" starts out faithful to the original, but by the last chorus becomes loud and distorted. Mark: "I could barely croak out a note. I'm sure that let everyone else, including myself, down."

11/30/93 The Alladin Theater. Las Vegas, NV (10 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Urge Overkill
Set: Swallow My Pride, (Jam), Ain't Nothin' to Do
Notes: Near the end of Pearl Jam's set, Stone steps to the mic and introduces Green River: "You're just going to have to sit through it because we decided we wanted to do it." Eddie Vedder gives the group another introduction, and they're off, with big, goofy smiles all around and Chuck Treece of Urge Overkill on drums. They spend the first few minutes huddled together in the center of the stage, but eventually spread out. Mark messes up the lyrics to "Swallow My Pride," singing "can't keep my blood from running cold" twice. After the song, Jeff and Mark shake hands and then hug. Mark then tells the audience, "The next number Jeff wrote. It's a thing called 'Jazz Odessey."' The guys make random noise on their instruments while Mark does some faux-scat. Chuck Treece gives up drumming duties and Dave Abbruzzese takes over for "Ain't Nothin' To Do." Jeff is running and jumping all over the stage. Steve takes his solo where it normally appears in the song, and then Stone takes one equally as long. Steve, Stone and Jeff give the song a drawn-out ending, with Steve not stopping until he's been offstage for thirty seconds. Mark: "I'm sure [the Green River reunion] just bummed out all the kids there, because that was the height of not even Pearl Jam mania but Eddie Vedder mania - they weren't screaming 'Pearl Jam' between songs, they were going 'Ed-die! Ed-die!'"

12/2/93 Lawlor Athletic Events Center. Reno, NV (5 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Urge Overkill
Set: Ain't Nothin' to Do
Notes: Again, Green River comes out near the end of Pearl Jam's set. On drums, it's Dan, Eddie Vedder, Dave Abbruzzese and Chuck Treece, with Dave sitting at the kit handling most of the duties while the other guys stand around him banging on whatever they can reach. Steve is using Mike McCready's guitar. Stone is running all over the stage, in big circles. Near the end, Mark repeatedly shouts out, "Everybody pogo!" and he, Jeff, Steve and Stone all pogo in unison while the four drummers destroy Dave's kit.

11/30/05 Pedreira. Curitiba, Brazil (5 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney
Set: Kick Out the Jams
Notes: Mark and Steve join Pearl Jam at the end of their first encore to play Kick Out the Jams. This reunites the two with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament to form 4/5 of Green River. Mark takes the first verse, Eddie Vedder the second and they duet on the rest, while Steve takes a big solo in the middle. Neither Green River nor Mudhoney has done the song before, though Mark did it often with DKT/MC5. They originally discussed playing 'Come on Down.' After Jeff downloaded the song and they all listened to it, they thought better of the idea.

12/3/05 Pacaembu. Sao Paolo, Brazil (5 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney
Set: Kick Out the Jams
Notes: Mark and Steve joined Pearl Jam to close their first encore with Kick Out the Jams.

12/4/05 Apoteose. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (5 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney
Set: Kick Out the Jams
Notes: Mark and Steve joined Pearl Jam near the end of their first encore for Kick Out the Jams.

12/7/05 Auditorio Coca-Cola. Monterrey, Mexico (10 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam
Set: Kick Out the Jams, Rockin' in the Free World
Notes: Mark and Steve joined Pearl Jam near the end of their second encore for two songs, including the first time they've done Neil Young's Rockin' in the Free World in any capacity. At the end of that song, Mark and Eddie Vedder are running around the stage, and then each throw two tambourines into the audience.

12/9/05 Palacio de los Deportes, Mexco City, Mexico (5 min)
Also on Bill: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney
Set: Kick Out the Jams
Notes: To start Pearl Jam's second encore, Eddie Vedder tells the audience about Green River, and welcomes Mark and Steve to the stage. Eddie continues with, "Now this man, he wants to tell you something," while pointing at Mark. Mark takes his cue and says, "Mexico City, we're here to do something...and that's to kick out the jams, motherfuckers!" as the combined band blasts into the song.

12/10/05 Palacio de los Deportes, Mexco City, Mexico (10 min)
Supporting: Pearl Jam, Mudhoney
Set: Kick Out the Jams, Rockin' in the Free World

7/10/08 The Sunset Tavern. Seattle, WA (55 min)
Attendance: 200
Supporting: The Fluid, The Press Corps
Soundcheck: Ozzie, Ozzie, P.C.C. (soundcheck possibly incomplete)
Set: Come on Down, 33 RPM, P.C.C., Ozzie, Baby Help Me..., Unwind, Leech, Queen Bitch, Together We'll Never, Swallow My Pride, New God, 10000 Things, This Town, Ain't Nothing to Do
Notes: This was billed as a show by The Press Corps, with special guests. In attendance are Guy, Matt, Kim Thayil, and Jack Endino. Green River combines the Steve Turner and Bruce Fairweather eras to create a three-guitar onslaught that can barely be contained by the small-ish Sunset Tavern stage. From stage-left to right it's Steve, Stone, Mark, Jeff and Bruce, with Alex holding down the backline. A couple of people from Pearl Jam's crew are handling set-up, so when either Stone or Steve has a guitar problem midway through the show, he hands it off and gets another one, prompting Bruce to comment with some amusement, "That's the first time we've had a guitar tech, ever." Swallow My Pride most closely resembles the Dry as a Bone version. Things begin to get wild during New God when a weekend-warrior mosh pit starts up. After the first chorus, Mark jumps into the crowd and makes his way across the narrow Sunset Tavern to the bar. In a move remiscent of his earlier days, he climbs on top of the bar, and while using the rafters to steady himself, walks further into the audience while towering over them and singing. Unfortunately, somewhere in the process his mic gets disconnected and not one note is heard. When they finish the song, he jokes, "I sang great during that second verse." Stone then polls the crowd with, "Who wants to hear 10,000 Things?" and gets a lukewarm response, using this as justification for why they shouldn't play it. He tells the other guys, "Only four people want to hear it," but they play it anyway.

7/13/08 "SP20 Festival". Marymoor Park. Redmond, WA (40 min)
Attendance: 4,000
Supporting: Wolf Parade
Supported By: Beachwood Sparks, Comets on Fire, Red Red Meat, No Age, Les Thugs, Foals, Kinski, Blitzen Trapper, Grand Archives, The Ruby Suns
Set: Come on Down, 33 RPM, P.C.C., Ozzie, Together We'll Never, Baby Help Me..., Leech, Swallow My Pride, New God, This Town, Ain't Nothing to Do
Notes: This was the second day of a two-day festival to celebrate Sub Pop's 20th anniversary. Mudhoney played the first day. The guys take part in a group hug backstage before coming out and bringing the rock. In attendance side-stage are Dan, Guy, Matt Cameron, Jack Endino, and Chad Channing, among many otheres. When they finish Baby Help Me..., Mark mentions, "That song breaks my heart every time," and then introduces Leech: "We made a demo in 1984 and passed it around to friends. The Melvins recorded this song and pulled a Led Zeppelin by crediting it to themselves. We're the Willie Dixon of Grunge. Now that we've got the combined legal forces of Sub Pop and Pearl Jam, we're taking it back!" He introduces the band by saying Jeff and Bruce are from Montana's Deranged Diction, Stone and Steve from The Ducky Boys, Alex from Spluii Numa and he's "the evil genious behind Mr. Epp" (something he took credit for on 1/9/89, as well). As Ain't Nothing to Do crashes to a finish, Alex, in his priest's collar, darts out from behind the drum kit and goes for a crowd surf, surprising everyone else on stage. Jeff takes over on drums as they continue to make a racket. Finally, Alex makes it back as Mark exhorts him to "Rise up!" The crew brings out three or four large boxes, and the guys cap it off by throwing dozens of the classic "Ride the Fucking Six Pack" shirts into the audience.

11/28/08 Dante's. Portland, OR (60 min)
Attendance: 600
Supported By: The Darlins, The Nights
Set: Come on Down, 33 RPM, P.C.C., Together We'll Never, Unwind, Leech, Swallow My Pride, 10000 Things, Ozzie, Baby Help Me..., New God, Rehab Doll, This Town, Ain't Nothin' to Do
Encore: Queen Bitch
Notes: Rehab Doll is brought back into the setlist. They tear through the set at a breakneck pace. Mark introduces Baby Help Me... by saying that it's even older than their first song, since it's a Mr. Epp song. Steve and Bruce throw some twin-lead-guitar licks into the "my time of dying" part of This Town, which causes Jeff, who's standing between them, to crack up. When they come out for the encore, Mark said it took a while for them to figure out which songs to play and in what order, until they realized they only know one more song.

11/29/08 The Showbox. Seattle, WA (50 min)
Attendance: 1,100
Supporting: The Supersuckers
Supported by: Zeke, Gerald Collier
Set: Come on Down, Ozzie, P.C.C., Together We'll Never, Leech, (Happy Birthday), Swallow My Pride, 33 RPM, Baby Help Me..., Unwind, New God, Rehab Doll, This Town, Ain't Nothin' to Do
Set: This is The Supersuckers' 20th anniversary show. After Leech, Mark takes note of that and says that it's also to celebrate 20 years of Green River not being a band. He and Jeff then go into a few quick lines of Happy Birthday. Early on in Swallow My Pride, Steve breaks the indispensible G string. Stone drapes his guitar over Steve (who still has his guitar on) and Steve starts playing that. Lacking a guitar, Stone helps out the song with hand claps and a booty-shaking dance, as well as playing Steve's wah-wah pedal. It gets a little rambunctious, and after Unwind someone makes it on stage only to do a singularly unimpresive stage dive that doesn't even make it fully out into the crowd. Mark notes that with, "Oh!...That sucked!" Alex calls everyone together for a consulatation near the end of the set. When they break, Mark announces that they have hatched a plan that they will now execute. Stone wants him to tell the audience the plan, but Mark says it's secret. The secret is that they're playing This Town and Ain't Nothin' to Do with no break between them. The twin guitar leads during This Town get Jeff laughing again tonight. 10,000 Things is crossed off the setlist after 33 RPM.

5/22/09 The Showbox. Seattle, WA (55 min)
Attendance: 1,100
Supporting: The Melvins
Supported By: The Melvins 1983
Set: Come on Down, 33 RPM, P.C.C., Together We'll Never, Ozzie, Leech, Swallow My Pride, Unwind, 10000 Things, Queen Bitch, Baby Help Me..., New God, Rehab Doll, This Town, Ain't Nothin' to Do
Notes: With various versions of The Melvins doing the opening and headlining sets, Mark refers to Green River's position as being "the center of a Melvins twinkie." After New God, Stone goes into an extended monologue talking about how Alex is the best songwriter in the band (he wrote the song), and how Paul Solger, who was a big inspiration, wrote the next song and gave it to them. Jeff's bass cuts out in the middle of Ain't Nothin' to Do, and he and a tech can't get it to work. Alex sees this and starts doing fills to wind the song down, until Mark catches his attention and gets him to plow through. After a few bars they get back on track and finish the song out. Alex comes out for the last song of The Melvin's main set to play drums on Spread Eagle Beagle.

5/23/09 The Showbox. Seattle, WA (60 min)
Attendance: 1,100
Supporting: The Melvins
Supported By: The Melvins 1983
Set: Come on Down, 33 RPM, P.C.C., Together We'll Never, Ozzie, Leech (w/Dale Crover), Swallow My Pride, Unwind, 10000 Things, Queen Bitch, Baby Help Me..., New God, Rehab Doll, This Town, Ain't Nothin' to Do
Notes: With The Melvins playing both before and after Green River, both bands' gear is set up simultanously. Mark introduces Dale Crover on Leech (a song The Melvins covered when Lukin was in the band) with, "This is a song so heavy it requires not only three guitarists, but also two drummers." Stone adds an understated and soulful lead to the intro of Baby Help Me.... After the song, referring to the consistent trickle of unskilled crowd surfers, Mark says, "Kids, watch out for fling old men. They hurt." Mark tries to say his goodbyes at the end of the set, but his mic cuts out, so Stone picks up the slack. Kim Thayil, Mike McCready and Randy Johnson are in attendance. Alex comes out for the last song of The Melvin's main set to play drums on Spread Eagle Beagle.

Unplaced Show Notes: All of the shows with unknown dates below took place sometime between 7/1/84 and 8/21/87.

10/2/8? The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: The Sea Hags
Supported By: Girl Trouble

??/??/8? The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Notes: The audience begins throwing spam at the band, and they respond by dropping their instruments in the middle of the song that they are playing and throwing it back. The resulting chaos and damage gets Green River both fined and banned for life from the Central Tavern. This event prompted Green River to start throwing things - most notably cooking oil - at the audience during future performances. This might have taken place at one of the other listed Central Tavern shows.

??/??/8? Gorilla Gardens. Seattle, WA
Supported By: Shot Gun Momma
Notes: This show took place in May or June, as SGM skipped their high school graduation party to play the gig.

??/??/8? 11th Ave NE and NE 50th St. Seattle, WA
Attendance: 250-300
Also on Bill: Bundle of Hiss
Notes: This show was scheduled to take place outdoors in Standwood, WA, but was cancelled at the last minute due to rain and rescheduled as a gig in this five-bedroom house.

??/??/8? Gorilla Gardens. Seattle, WA
Also on Bill: The Faction
Notes: Green River filled in at the last minute when Mistaken ID dropped off the bill.