Spring Semester Kick-Off Update!

REACH! would like to welcome everyone to the start of the 2014 Spring Semester by inviting everyone to our First General Meeting! This is a great way to meet new people or if anything, meet old friends you haven’t seen in a couple months. Let’s start this semester off strong and having fun. For the new folks, come meet new people, build new bonds, network a little and come learn a little about what we do as REACH! by talking to some older folks or the current coordinators.

2/04 REACH! First General Meeting: 7-8:30 PM
Description: Come learn more about the programming within REACH! and how you can become involved within REACH!
Location: Multicultural Center (Hearst Field Annex D-37)

2/07 REACH! Ice Skating Social: 6-9pm
Description: Break the ice by actually getting on the ice with REAC...

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REACH! & SASC: The Prison Industrial Complex General Meeting 11/19/13



Hello beautiful community!

Please join us at our general meeting on the Prison Industrial Complex hosted by REACH! and SASC. Currently California has the highest prison budget, spending $47,102 per inmate compared to $8,482 per student and 3 out of 4 inmates being people of color.

We will be discussing the reasons for these alarmingly high rates which include institutional barriers and the school to prison pipeline as well as the current IGNITE campaign (Invest in Graduations, Not Incarceration, Transform Education), SEAPOP (Southeast Asian Prison Outreach Project), and various ways you can be involved in spreading awareness.

Guest Speakers TBA.

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Location: Dwinelle 243

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REACH! Fifth General Meeting: College Admissions Demystified


Ever wonder how college admissions work? How much time admissions officers spent on your application? Or how you were evaluated based on other applicants?

WE DO TOO! So, come out as we try to demystify the college admissions process and topics involving college admissions. From recent admissions policy changes to affirmative action, we will try to tackle the hot topic of college admissions from all sides at REACH!’s 5th General Meeting this Tuesday, November 5th, from 7:00-8:30PM.

Join us for a lively discussion filled with fun activities where you can meet new people and share your opinions :)

Location TBA

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REACH! Fourth General Meeting: Mental Health

1380265_560687717335967_1270660765_nStressed about mid terms? Come out and de-stress at REACH!’s Fourth General Meeting about Mental Health in 156 Dwinelle, 7pm-8:30pm Tuesday 10/22. Also come support REACH! and all the hard work that coordinators and interns are putting into REACH! events!

Among all ethnicities, Asian & Pacific Islanders are the least likely to seek help for mental disorders. The cultural values of self-reliance and reservation and fear of shaming the family keep many from seeking assistance with emotional problems.

Some of the reasons why fewer APIs seek out counseling could include:
1. Cultural stigma associated with mental health and seeking help.
2. Belief that you can do this on your own or can “will” yourself to get better.

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