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Exco 2013-2014
posted Wednesday, 8th May 2013 5:17 PM GMT +8 by jimwu

Your new EXCO for the upcoming 2013-2014 year!

It is our pleasure to announce the new executive committee, decided on April 27 by our annual elections:

President: Ben Khoo
Vice Presidents: Teh Shin Er, Derrick Ng Wei Cheng
Secretary: Emily Wen
Treasurer: Jimmy Wu
Event directors: Ong Han Ee and Farhan Lokman
Webmaster: Sun Shuo

Please welcome them and give them all your support!

Spring Banquet
posted Friday, 29th March 2013 4:20 AM GMT +8 by jimwu

Spring Banquet 2013
May 6th (Monday)

Mark your calendars! SMSA will be holding our annual banquet on May 6th (Monday of dead week). This will be an opportunity for us bid farewell to our graduating seniors.

We have shortlisted the following options for you guys to vote on:

Skates on the bay (around $45++, full course meal)
Skates on the bay (around $25++, 1-course meal)
Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen (around $25++, full course meal)
Jupiter (around $20++, full course meal)

(click on the restaurant names to visit their yelp pages)

If you would like to spend some awesome time with all other SMSA-sians please click here to take the poll.

As a tradition, graduating seniors who are current members will get to come for free. If you graduating and are not a current member, please arrange with Jimmy to pay your membership fees prior to the event.

Elections for SMSA Exco 2013-2014
posted Thursday, 28th March 2013 8:41 AM GMT +8 by jimwu

Elections for SMSA Exco 2013-2014
April 27 (Saturday), 2pm

The academic year is coming to a close, and it is soon time for you to elect your SMSA Exco to serve you (maybe feed you) for the next academic year! Only members are allowed to nominate, vote, and run for office. If you have never become a member and would like to take part in the process, please contact the current Exco, and arrange for a 10 dollars commitment fee to be paid towards next semesters membership dues.

So here is a brief overview of the election process and dates that you should take note of:

1. Nominations
- Nominate who you think is suitable for a given position
- Includes self-nominations

Positions available:
- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Event Directors (number decided by elected president)
- Webmaster

Candidates may run for more than one position.

Members please click here to cast your nominations (login required). Nominations close April 12.

A detailed description of the roles can be found in the constitution.

2. Notification of Nominations
Nominees will be notified by email individually

3. Acceptance of Nominations
Nominees are to reply on an online form of whether they want to accept the nominated positions and run for the positions.

4. Full List of Candidates
All members will be informed of the final list of candidates so that you can think about who to vote for.

5. Election Day
- All nominees are to prepare a short speech
- 4 mins for President/Vice-President
- 3 mins for all other officer positions
- Members to vote for candidates
- Announcement of newly elected Exco

List of dates:
1. Deadline to accept Nominations from everyone - April 12 (Friday)
2. Notification of Nominations to Nominees - April 14 (Sunday)
3. Deadline for Nominees to respond to Nominations - April 19 (Friday)
4. Release of Full List of Candidates - April 20 (Saturday)
5. Elections Day - April 27 (Saturday)

We look forward to your participation in the upcoming elections!

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