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Load balancing

Common tasks and questions


A service is unreachable, how do I troubleshoot?

These are general steps:

  1. Can you ping If not, then most likely none of the three master servers are using that IP, and so keepalived is probably broken.

  2. Find the currently keepalived host, then do curl <host>:9090/_haproxy_getconfig. If you get connection refused, then marathon-lb is probably broken. If you get back a bad config (missing backends or servers), probably Marathon is unhealthy (check the marathon-lb logs—they'll probably indicate they can't reach Marathon, or similar). If everything here looks good, move on.

  3. Take one of the server entries from the previous step and try to curl it. For example, if you saw the line:

    server hal_169_229_226_10_31754 check inter 60s fall 4

    You would do curl and make sure you get a response. If you do, then move on. If not, it's most likely that marathon-lb has a different world-view than Marathon (maybe Marathon is unhealthy?). Check the logs.

  4. Most likely at this stage, nginx is broken on the load balancers. Try to curl the load balancers on port 80 and 443, and check the nginx logs.


How do I figure out who the current leader is?

You can do ssh lb and see what you get connected to, but will probably have to deal with the key changing if you do this often.

TODO: is there a better way?

How do I force a leadership change (e.g. to perform maintenance)?

TODO: not sure


How do I manage marathon-lb on some host?

marathon-lb is a systemd service running as ocf-lb.

  • Check the status. systemctl status ocf-lb
  • Look at the logs. journalctl -eu ocf-lb
  • Restart it. systemctl restart ocf-lb

How do I see the current haproxy config on a host?

ckuehl@supernova:~$ curl mesos0:9090/_haproxy_getconfig
  log /dev/log local0
  log /dev/log local1 notice
  maxconn 50000

If everything is working, you should see a backend for each app exposed on the load balancer, with one or more servers in it. For example, here is a working ocfweb backend with three servers:

backend ocfweb_web_10002
  balance roundrobin
  mode tcp
  server hal_169_229_226_10_31754 check inter 60s fall 4
  server pandemic_169_229_226_14_31005 check inter 60s fall 4
  server pandemic_169_229_226_14_31419 check inter 60s fall 4


How do I see how mesos-dns is working on some host?

ckuehl@supernova:~$ dig leader.mesos @mesos1
;leader.mesos.                  IN      A

leader.mesos.           1       IN      A

To check against the main DNS server (and not the masters), just run the same command with @ns.

How do I manage mesos-dns on some host?

mesos-dns is a systemd service.

  • Check the status. systemctl status mesos-dns
  • Look at the logs. journalctl -eu mesos-dns
  • Restart it. systemctl restart mesos-dns