[AAPIHRG-D] Break the Silence- Community Gentrification and Displacement

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This coming Wednesday 2/24, AAPIHRG student group will be having its session on community gentrification and displacement as part of their Break the Silence lecture series, which is partnered by AHS, AAADS, and APASD. The two incredible guest speakers — Dr. Art Chen and Julia Liou —  will be speaking on the history of the AAPI community health movement and current issues related to gentrification and displacement.

Please join us for this powerful session of the Break the Silence speaker series, and help us spread the word by bringing a friend. It will be held in 234 Dwinelle, 4pm-6pm!

Julia Liou serves as the Director of Program Planning and Development at Asian Health Services.

Dr. Arthur Chen is a Senior Fellow at AHS and has been a national leader in the AAPI community health movement for the past three decades


[AAPIHRG-D] Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Donor Registration


A big thank you to those who attended the Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Donor Registration! It was a big success and we learned a lot from  the founder of AADP (Asian American Donor Program), Jonathan Leong!


The next session will be about the current issues of gentrification and displacement on 2/24 from 4pm to 6pm at 234 Dwinelle. It will feature guest speaker Art Chen MD, national leader in the AAPI community health movement for the past 30 years, and
Julia Liou, the  Director of Program Planning and Development at Asian Health Services.



Blossoming of the Community-Campus-Student Partnership

BTS #2
“Break the Silence” had its second session on January 27th 2016 with a roomful of students.

A big thank-you to Thu Quach from AHS for co-coordinating this year’s speaker series and rounding together an amazing panel of speakers.

The great turn out of students are also due to the outreaching work done by APASD and AAADS.  Many of the new students heard about the speaker series through emails from APASD and AAADS faculty members.  Thank you!

The AAPIHRG student leadership team: Kelsey, Leslie, Carolyn, Lynn, and Belinda have been designing the weekly flyer, coordinating all the sessions and leading class discussion.

Thank you for the roles which you’ve played in this partnership!

Tomorrow will be the third session of the “Break the Silence” speaker series and will cover human trafficking among young South East Asian women in Oakland.  For more information, please refer to the attachment below.

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