Cohort 11 Transition Gathering


2018 Transition Group 2 2018 Transition circle

We had a very nice Transition Gathering today in Berkeley.  We had an opportunity to thank members of Cohort 10 for their hard work and contributions to AAPIHRG while juggling with their busy academic, personal and professional schedules in 2017-2018.

Some of the highlights of this past year were (1) the approval of the Asian American Community Health Certificate, (2) Minority in Health Conference, (3) Break the Silence Spring Lecture Series, (4) From Mothers to Mothers Project, and (5) the completion of Cohort 10’s research projects.

Cohort 10 has much to be proud of.  And, Cohort 11 has much to look forward to as we enter AAPIHRG’s second decade!

2018 Transition indoor 1(photo of Cohort 10)

A special welcome to the six members of Cohort 11 and their two student co-coordinators: Student Co-coordinators: My Nguyen and Jay Mantuhac

Cohort 11  members: Melissa Ancheta, Joshua Laurel, Jacob Ngo, Kiersten Reyes, Thanh Thai, and Colleen Yu
2018 Cohort 11