2008 – 2009 Researchers/Facilitators

Class of 2008

(Photo from left to right)

Marilyn P. Wong, MD, Theora Cimino, Mary Yang, Anne Chiang, David Lee, Pa Lee, Khae Saetern, and Jennifer Pham

Researchers and topics

(1) Theora Cimino,

4th year, Molecular Environmental Biology, UC Berkeley

“HIV in the Filipino community”

(2) Mary Yang,

4th year, Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley

“Sudden Death Syndrome in the Hmong Community”

(3) Anne Chiang

Lead student facilitator, 4th year, Public Health, UC Berkeley

(4) David Lee,

3rd year, Public Health,UC Berkeley

“Providing Mental Health Services”

(5)Pa H. Lee

4th year, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

“Survey of Health Attitudes Among the Hmong in Sacramento”

(6) Khae S. Saetern,

2nd year, Public Health/Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

“Opium Use in Mien Community”

(7) Jennifer Pham

4th year, Public Health/Psychology UC Berkeley

“Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Care”


2009 Spring Decal – Lecture Series




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