2010-2011 Researchers/Facilitators


(Front row) Michelle Lough, Yang Lor

(Middle row) Julie Huynh, Pang Vang, May Liang, Fay Saepharn, Dr. Marilyn Wong

(Back row) Michael Murata

Julie Huynh

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Integrative Biology, Global Poverty and Practice Minor
Research: My research hopes to shed light on the westernization of beauty and its health consequences on the Asian American Pacific Islander communities, specifically Vietnamese American women as this area has little research. Asian American women face many stereotypes that marginalize them as outsiders. The effect of such marginalization and pressure can be negative and even devastating. In an attempt to fit in, many go to the extreme of cosmetic surgery.
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy running, reading, learning the guitar, listening to music, learning new things, and spending time with family and friends. My passion is to help those who are left under-served by social, economic and environmental factors.


May Liang

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Integrative Biology,Theater minor
Research: My research is about stress in recently immigrated Chinese youth. I want to find any unique stress factors that ail this particular population because heavy, long-term stress could lead to major health issues, both psychological and physically. My hope is that I can find some ways to help reduce these unique stress factors, thus aiding to create a steady foundation for their future.
Hobbies/Interests:I ♥ to sing, act, dance, watch TV, play lots of video games, and hang out with awesome friends! I hope to someday go to medical school and study women’s health.

Pang Vang

Year: 2nd Year
Major: Integrated Biology
Research: My research topic this semester is thalassemia in the Southeast Asian community. After doing some research on my own, I found out that the prevalence of thalassemia is very high in the Southeast Asia. However, I have never heard about it. So I created a survey using Form on Googledoc and distributed it among the Southeast Asian groups on campus. My main focus was to find out about the awareness of thalassemia among the Southeast Asian students at UC Berkeley.
Hobbies/Interests: I love to work with children and it’s been my long time dream to become a pediatrician. I also enjoy doing theater as a hobby. I hope that one day I will become a role model in the Hmong Community.

Fay Saepharn

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Public Health major, Asian American Studies minor
Research: My research looks at the population at Asian Health Services in Oakland, CA and the children and adolescents aged 6-19 years old. My goal is to take into consideration the age, sex, body mass index (BMI) and ethnicity and to find the prevalence of overweight and obesity in those subgroups. I hope to point out that obesity is an issue in the AAPI community and that we must look further into the factors that cause obesity and, from there, prevent it from spreading.
Hobbies/Interests: REACH! Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center, the Twilight Saga, impressionist paintings. :)

Michael Murata

Year: 2nd Year
Major: Bioengineering, Asian American Studies minor
Research: My research project is to define the cosmetic surgery situation in the San Francisco area among Asian Americans. My focus is to determine the effect of under-qualified surgeons on cosmetic surgeries, particularly “Asian Blepharoplasty”, for Asian Americans and to quantify any results or identify any trends.
Hobbies/Interests: I love playing music with whatever instrument I can get my hands on, writing music when I have time, and singing. I also really enjoy running and playing basketball. Lastly, I value helping out my community through the Nikkei Student Union!

Yang Lor

Year: 2nd Year Graduate Student
Major: Department of Sociology
Research: Southeast Asian Americans, Education, Poverty, Health
Hobbies/Interests: play guitar, watch sports, talk about Asian American Issues, hang out with friends


Spring 2011 Decal – AAPI Community Health

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