Post Partum Nutrition Folklore Project

PURPOSE: To collect and preserve information on traditional soup and dishes used by various AAPI cultures for the nourishment of women during the month immediate after the birth of a child.

RATIONALE: Women, through the ages, have to nourish themselves back to health after the birthing process as well as to ensure sufficient breast milk for the newborn. The wisdom of these women is concentrated in the traditional soup and dishes prepared for the postpartum period. However, before these soup and dishes can be analyzed for their nutritional content to benefit the mothers of today, much of the traditional knowledge is being lost as many AAPI cultures are being “Westernized” in one generation. There is a fight against time to preserve this traditional knowledge.

YOUR ROLE: Students from AAPI communities are in a unique position to inherit this traditional knowledge if they take an active part in seeking out the information from their immigrant relatives.

As a researcher, you will be responsible for collecting 1 or 2 recipes from your relative and evaluating the nutritional content of your recipe(s). We will have workshops throughout the semester on various topics related to postpartum nutrition i.e. maternal nutrition, nutrients during lactation, and where to obtain nutritional data for your ingredients. The workshop is also a time for all researchers to get together and talk about their recipes and the purported benefits that their respective culture believes. Each workshop is 45-60 minute long, most likely to be on Thursday 7-8pm once a month. Time commitment: 4 hours (workshops) + 2 hour (interviewing and translating your recipes) + 10-14 hours (searching for information and work on the publication with the rest of the group during break) = about 20 hours per SEMESTER.

You are NOT interested in becoming a researcher, however, you know someone who might know about traditional postpartum recipes, especially of your culture. You can become our contributors. You can submit your recipe(s) below. If you wish to be paired up with a researcher who doesn’t have a recipe to work on, please state in the form below.

Informational form:

If you have an interest in this project, please email Khanh at or Dr. Wong at and come to the AAPIHRG-S info session on Sept.10,2015 from 7:00-8:00pm in 101 Wheeler.


Fall 2014

Spring 2015

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