About the DeCal

When we begin to look into the health and health disparities in the U.S., we find that for the majority of the time, the Asian American and Pacific Islander populations are left out because of the model minority myth and its relatively “small” size. This DeCal is the first of its kind on our campus, and students will gain insight into public health and medicine in the AAPI community.

The course is led by Marilyn Wong MD, MPH, and several great student facilitators, who have been preparing last semester. We also have some amazing physicians, researchers, and community leaders as guest speakers. We encourage all who are interested in health to check this decal out! We highly encourage underrepresented AAPI students to enroll!

Students who complete this DeCal may have the opportunity to join the AAPI Health Research Group as future student researchers and course facilitators for the following semesters and to help in the development and planning of our group.

The DeCal (2 Units) will be offered every Spring semester. Students of all majors and classes may apply.


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Promoting research to improve health in the AAPI communities!