Current Researchers/Facilitators

Introducing our 2017-2018 Officers!

Patton NguyenPatton Nguyen

Internal Coordinator     

 Year: 4th Year                             Major: Public Health

“I love serving my community and am glad to lead AAPIHRG with Jacklin by my side. I am passionate about expanding knowledge and resources to marginalized AAPI LGBTQ and worker communities. Last year I conducted a research project on perceived discrimination of LGBTQ AAPIs and their mental health outcomes at Cal. This year I mentored and guided our cohort to conduct the amazingly diverse and needed research projects. I’ll be attending graduate school to pursue a Masters in Public Health next year and hope to continue advocating for my community.”

Jacklin HaJacklin Ha

External Coordinator &             Spring Decal Co-Coordinator              Year: 4th Year                          Majors: Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies +       Integrative Biology

“I am passionate about issues revolving around Southeast Asian immigrant and refugee trauma and its impact on an individual, the family, and the community. Currently, I am doing research and community work about sex trafficking, one of the major but largely unspoken issues that many young Southeast Asian womxn face today as a result of the intergenerational trauma. To help balance such a heavy topic, I love love love being around animals and be reminded of what it means to care for even the smallest of living beings!”

Jay MantuhacJay Mantuhac

Spring DeCal Co-Coordinator 

Year: 3rd Year                            Major: Integrative Biology

“This past fall, I was able to do research on the Pilipinx community at Cal and how individual members perceive the community as a whole. In the future, I hope to go on to graduate school and get an MPH in epidemiology. Outside of AAPIHRG, I also dance on AFX, so if you see me dancing on Lower Sproul Plaza (with Adidas joggers on), come dance with me!”

Brandon BasaBrandon Basa

Asian American Health   Certificate Co-Coordinator                   Year: 4th Year                             Major: Ethnic Studies

“In terms of AAPI health, I am most interested in the psychological aspects of health and the many social determinants that affect a person’s health. Because of that interest, my research was on how Donald Trump being president has affected the mental health of Filipino college students at UC Berkeley. As a graduating senior, I hope to eventually go into grad school to pursue a career in counseling.”

Jenny NguyenJenny Nguyen            

Asian American Health     Certificate Co-Coordinator                 Year: 3rd Year                            Major: Molecular & Cell Biology & minor: Ethnic Studies

“I am interested in AAPI community health and hope to someday serve the AAPI population as a physician. In the fall, I researched how prenatal nutrition is conducted in East Bay community health centers. Fun fact: I love to cook and explore different Asian Recipes.”

Ceclia NguyenCecilia Nguyen

Minorities in Health                             Co-Coordinator                                Year: 3rd Year                                 Major: Sociology

“I am interested in AAPI geriatric health and health care reform for uninsured and under-insured AAPI folks. With those interests in mind, my research topic was on cultural, language, and transportation barriers for AAPI 55+ that may or may not prevent them from receiving access to healthcare. After my undergraduate career, I hope to go to graduate school and become a nurse practitioner.”

My NguyenMy Nguyen

Minorities in Health                             Co-Coordinator                                Year: 3rd Year                                 Major: Public Health

“I am interested in may aspects of AAPI health, especially in mental health, reproductive health care in womxn and access to healthcare for transgender AAPI folx. Hence, I conducted a research on the effect of mental illnesses on AAPI of different age groups last fall in order to find factors that affect one’s mental condition. When I’m free, you can usually find me hanging out with friends, reading, exercising, and cleaning! I am not sure what I want to do yet but I hope to be able to give back to my community and continue to gain more knowledge in the medical field.”

Cohort 10 ProfessionalFrom L to R: Cecilia Nguyen, Jenny Nguyen, Jay Mantuhac, Patton Nguyen, Brandon Basa, My Nguyen, Jacklin Ha


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