History and Health Status Grid

AAPI History and Health Status Grid

The following grid is a draft of possible research areas over time.  If you have done research into any of the following areas and wish to link your research to this grid, please submit to: apihealthresearch@gmail.com

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Most undergraduate students are required to write an average of 20 papers or more by the time they graduate.  Finding a topic is often a challenge.   Then, days are spent  to complete a paper that will be read by one TA and sometime a professor with the aim of receiving a good grade.   Thereafter, the paper is often forgotten.

We at AAPIHRG would like to add another dimension to this exercise.  We hope that there are topics that will expand the learning experience of students as well as the data base of AAPI community health.  As students of community health research know, health data for the AAPI communities are very uneven and scarce for some populations.   If you need to write a paper, see if you can tailor your topic and paper that will enrich our understanding of the AAPI communities.

Dr. Harvey Dong’s history grid provides us with the historical, social and political  framework for understanding the many AAPI communities.  We hope to add the epidemiology and health dimensions to this grid over time.

Each intersecting square is the basis for us to ask: how does this impact health.  We will also add new research topics that seem to be appropriate at the undergraduate level and with the time limit of one semester or one quarter.

If you work on one of these research ideas, please share your results with us.  We will post and acknowledge your work.   Students from any college or university are welcome.

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Promoting research to improve health in the AAPI communities!