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We are a group of San Francisco Bay Area health professionals and UC Berkeley undergraduates/alumni. On this campus where 42% of students are Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) in 2008, there was not a single academic course devoted to the study of health in the AAPI communities. The AAPI Health Research Group was formed in 2008 to fill this void.

We have been conducting classes (AAS 98/198) under the auspices of Asian American Studies since 2008. The purpose of this website is to share our journey and findings in AAPI community health with other students and community professionals who may wish to join us or contribute to the work.

There are many national health advocacy agencies as well as local community health service providers. We attempt to bring the expertise of these frontline professionals and organizations to undergraduate students. At the same time, we plan to develop a research grid that will highlight areas of needed research. We hope this research grid will provide ideas and impetus for student research.

Although the aggregate data for our community paint a picture of a healthy population, we know that good health is not enjoyed by all. Our community is not homogeneous. The diversity of the many ethnic groups that make up the AAPI community presents challenges in obtaining accurate data.

Students who come from these diverse background can be an important conduit in raising our awareness of health problems that exist in these communities. This can foster a deeper understanding of health in the AAPI community.

We invite your participation in AAPIHRG as a student or as a health professional sharing the following vision and mission:


A healthy community can only exist within a healthy society. We strive to improve the health of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities through research and service within the community and through social activism in society.


AAPI Health Research Group was formed in the spring of 2008. The purpose is to encourage students to engage in AAPI community health research in the following five areas:
(1) diversity of the AAPI communities
(2) historical perspective
(3) epidemiological perspective
(4) medical perspective
(5) social change



Leslie Tzeng

Carolyn Hsieh

Belinda Wu

Lynn Mymala


Khanh-Hoa Nguyen, 4th year MCB & Public Health, External Coordinator

Kelsey Chun, 4th year Public Health, Internal Coordinator

Bianca Hsueh, Recruitment Chair

Jamie Wong, Website


Marilyn Wong, MD, MPH & AAPIHRG’s Founder

and more. 


Ryan Saelee, BA Public Health, current MPH student @ UCB & Alumnus

Katie Lau, BA IB/AAADS, Alumnae

Khae Saetern, BA Public Health, Alumnae

Kimberly Ngo, BA Public Health, Alumnae

Nga Bui, B.A Southeast Asian Studies, Alumnae

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Promoting research to improve health in the AAPI communities!