Does the following scene sound familiar to you? It's Saturday night, you're
looking for something to do and a friend of yours invites you to a party. 
There's going to be alcohol and girls there, what more could you ask? You
decide to go and when you get there you notice many women dressed in quite
revealing clothing. You think to yourself, they must be promiscuous in order
to wear such garments. Wrong. You end up talking to a girl or two for the
entire night only for them to leave and go home afterwards. Not one single
ounce of the self-replicating physical pleasure you so much desire is obtained. 
If you're amused to death by said practice of the female sex then you have 
Pentavirate West's empathy. Simply memorize the following paragraph and recite 
it to prospective mates *before* pleasuring them with your conversation skills.

"Halt. Before I attempt to prove to you that I am intelligent, posses social
status and am willing to spend time with you raising our potential family by
engaging in a drawn out, meaningless yet entertaining conversation _________
(insert prospective mate's name in blank) I would like to state my terms of
the agreement. First I would like to say that I am indeed intelligent and
latent with social status. My facial features are symmetrical. I can engage
in hours of very entertaining and perhaps even enlightening conversation. But
at the end of these many hours I am going to require sex. The sex doesn't even
have to take very long, but there must be penetration and/or fellating. 
If this sounds unreasonable to you _________ (insert prospective mate's name 
in blank) then please tell me now so that I may use my energy to court more 
efficiently. Thank you."

Pentavirate West hopes that this speech illustrating the difference between
men and women will bring you less grief and more intercourse.

-Pentavirate West