There have been comments about the limitations of the Typographical 
Conversation Theory; namely, that there are some mindless discussions not 
covered. After consideration, Pentavirate West has decided to amend the 
theory to make it a more powerful and comprehensive tool.

8) Sports.
In the immortal words of Frederick Lee, "Let's get tall." This covers 
discussions of watching sports, playing sports, handicapping sports, 
injuries suffered through sports, or even listening to the Huey Lewis and 
the News album "Sports." This category contains elements of #1 (Uninformed 
discussions) and parts of #7 (physical discomfort), but is quite effective, 
especially when faced with a veritable barrage of tall, marginally educated 
student-athletes in one's college life.

9) Art.
Have you seen this movie? Is Scorsese a good director? Do you actually know 
anything about film to make this judgment, or are you simply talking out 
your ass? Any uninformed discussion of art, full of pretentiousness and 
bluster, falls into this category. Again, similarity is seen to #1, but it 
is the opinion of Pentavirate West that this is a large enough 
conversational annoyance to necessitate its own division and number.

Special note on combined conversations:
The question has been raised as to what designation should go to 
conversations that contain elements of more than one type, e.g. An athlete 
discussing his plans to get drunk in the evening following a game (#2, #6, 
#8) seemingly falls into many categories. What is the informed 
conversational theorist to do? While it is possible to raise the 
appropriate number of fingers for each of the conversational cliches 
present, a more effective solution is to simply choose the predominant 
cliche, and utilize its signal. Ultimately, specificity is less important 
than just making the boring conversation go away.

Pentavirate West welcomes comments about the Typographical Theory of 
Conversations, but reserves the right to raise the appropriate number of 
fingers during said comments. Peace in the 98.

-Pentavirate West