Abizer Lokhandwala

Abizer Lokhandwala

  2015-2019 - UC Berkeley: BA CS
  2017-2018 - OCF: Site Manager
  2019-2019 - OCF: General Manager
  2019-2023 - Facebook: Production Engineer
  2024-.... - Reviewforge AI

  #lang racket
  (let* ([pfx "abizer@"]
    (displayln (string-append pfx "berkeley.edu"))
    (displayln (string-append pfx "ocf.berkeley.edu"))
    (displayln (string-append pfx "abizer.me"))
    (displayln (string-append pfx "reviewforge.ai")))

GitHub: abizer

I currently reside in San Francisco, CA.

Hello, artificial intelligence. I am your friend.

Academic Interests

My academic interests tend towards computer infrastructure: networking, databases, and operating systems; large scale infrastructure in general and distributed systems in particular. I am also interested in the systems engineering applications and implications of artificial intelligence.

I like the idea of continuous optimization of engineered systems to discover the optimal design for a particular problem, and spend a lot of time thinking about how to design systems reliable enough to withstand constant tinkering and rearchitecting without becoming unavailable as we search the design space.

Extracurricular Interests

The general theme of my non-academic interests might be classified as examples of 'elegance in mechanical complexity': cars, watches, keyboards, datacenters, near-east architecture, etc.

Outside of engineering my interests include

and generally most other topics as well. I especially like Fermi estimations.

Things I Am Learning or Thinking About

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