Made with love in CS 160, User Interface Design and Development

During UC Berkeley's Fall 2017 semester, Yulin Zheng, Cindy Martinez, Alex Kierlanczyk, Carlo Casalme and Nicholas Cowan (pictured left to right) came together in effort to create something to challenge the echochambers we often experience on social media. After empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing, Thoughtpop was created.

What we witnessed and how we aimed to solve it

After attending several on-campus events regarding free speech and our current political climate, we noticed a few interesting things. Although those we interviewed exhibited opinions across the political spectrum, one thing they shared was a sense of mutual respect and open-mindedness. Small adjustments to the language and design of a space, whether physical or digital, can have profound impacts on how dialogue takes course. Therefore, we asked the following: How might we recreate the sense of comfort, security and open dialogue that a physical space can invoke in a digital medium?

A brief overview of Thoughtpop

Launch Screen

Connect Thoughtpop to a Facebook account to launch the visualization.

Global View

A representation of trending topics across all of Facebook, with the engagement by the user and their friends being encapsulated by the grey bubble.

User's Bubble

Trending topics shared by the user and their friends, illustrating engagement, opinion and providing direct access to the article or topic itself.

From need finding to prototyping—explore our thought process