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Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Pre-Health Conference

Physicians Networking Night is a day for college and high school students alike to learn more about the field of healthcare by listening to and learning from physicians and health professionals, networking with several health organizations, and attending interactive and educational workshops.

Health Professional’s Networking Night

The American Medical Student’s Association’s (AMSA) massively popular Health Professional’s panel and networking night will be hosted again this coming semester. Our Health Professional’s panel and networking night provides an opportunity for pre-health and pre-medicine students on campus to connect, ask questions, and network with professionals in the field of medicine and health who graduated from Cal! 

UCSF Mentorship

Students will have an incredible opportunity to be matched with medical students at UCSF, have a meet and greet at the UCSF Parnassus campus, and develop lasting relationships with their mentors.

Physicians Networking Night

Physicians Networking Night will provide an opportunity for pre-medicine students to ask any and all questions and connect with experts in the field of medicine and health. We invite various seasoned healthcare providers who serve as guest speakers and panelists to speak more about their path to medicine, health advocacy, research, and more. Come join us for an interactive, informative, and engaging session with incredibly talented and accomplished professionals!

Forthcoming Events