Task Forces

Pre-Meds of Berkeley

Task Force Chair: Ridhi Mishra

Contact: ridhi.mishra@berkeley.edu

Premeds of Berkeley is a way for students to learn about other pre-health students’ stories, motivations, and experiences. In POB, you will meet and interview lots of interesting and awesome pre-med students at Berkeley and we will post several interviews on our Facebook page once a week. This year, we are trying to start a YouTube channel to benefit Cal pre-health students by offering resources, advice, as well as possibly video interview with students, alumni, etc. You can also research a topic of your choice with regards to the premed community and write two “articles” for our blog a semester. As a member of my task force, you will do one interview a week, two articles a semester, and also help plan and form the foundation of our YouTube channel. You will gain communication, editing, and journalistic skills, as well as simply the fun of meeting interesting new people! You will also learn important marketing skills (especially social media), especially in kickstarting a brand new project.

Berkeley Cardiovascular Initiative

Task Force Chair: Vinnie Panico

Contact: vinniepanico@berkeley.edu

In the United States alone, one person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease. The Berkeley Cardiovascular Initiative (BCI) hopes to target this heart crisis happening around the world, which is often dangerously overlooked. As a task force, we plan to issue a single page bi-weekly report on cardiovascular health. This includes, but is not limited to, cardiovascular clinical highlights, cardiovascular research highlights at Berkeley or UCSF, surveys conducted on campus, healthy eating in regards to cardiovascular health, information about heart disease, and general insight into how our heart and cardiovascular system work. Along with running campus surveys, we hope to network with local schools in the Berkeley area to start educating the next generation about heart health in an attempt to turn this malignant curve of cardiovascular disease for the better.

Disordered Eating

Task Force Chairs: Cindy Wu and Laurentia Tjang

Contact: laurentia.tjang@berkeley.edu

This task force is designed to raise awareness and conversation around the sensitive topic of disordered eating. We are not experts but we want to take the first step towards discussing and acknowledging the emerging phenomenon. We are inspired by our own journeys from the worst points to recovery and we hope this task force would be a road to explore eating disorder topics, for those that are interested in this topic, attending it for someone you love, or having first-hand experience. We will start with a basic introduction to the understanding of human nutritional needs and then dive into the role of food and nutrition in mental and physical health.

Concussion Legacy Foundation

The Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) is a task force committed to raising awareness about concussions. Concussions are one of the most serious risks that young athletes face, and the symptoms are often ignored. In order to combat this, CLF travels to different middle/high schools and teaches sports teams what concussions are, why they are important, and what to do if they think they have a concussion.


As one of the largest academic institutions in the nation, the University of California, Berkeley possesses health services that can be difficult to navigate. Health and college life are inevitably intertwined; thus, it is imperative to provide students with an increased amount accessibility to such resources. Our proposed project, BearCare, aims to solve this problem by consolidating all of these resources in an easy-to-access, “one-stop” mobile application.