counter Knight's Point, Haast Pass


This isn't to say the rain and snow of Fiordland aren't also paradise, but these two pictures, taken at Knight's Point along Haast Pass, would seem to reflect the more immediate notion of paradise.

I enjoy pointing out all the different things that amaze me about New Zealand, and another one of those would be the extreme variety of climates existing within such a tiny range of land.

We'd already left Te Anau and completed an overnight stop in Wanaka. This morning, we left cold, windy Wanaka for Franz Josef Glacier. After a few hours up the West Coast, we stopped to change buses here at Knight's Point, where the view of the Tasman Sea was no longer grey and stormy as it was when we cruised through Milford Sound three days earlier, but rather a shimmering aquamarine comparable to the Caribbean Sea, as you can see below.

Later that day, we arrived at Franz Josef Glacier, where the climate was radically different yet again. That rascally New Zealand.

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