Site Information

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Anthony Wirth, and I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley.

I created this site to help people better understand and appreciate the wonderful literature given to us by William Shakespeare. I found Shakespeare to be difficult at first, but after a little reading and eventual understanding, I have come to love readi ng his plays and poetry. I wanted to help others who might have been in the same situation I was. Shakespeare is wonderful, but you need to understand it in order to appreciate it.

This site is updated periodically. Comments or questions can be sent by clicking here. I am trying to update it as often as possible, but I am a full time student and can only devote so much time to readi ng his plays for pleasure. I am definitely open to suggestions on how I can improve this site, and I also answer stimulating questions on occasion. However, I do not have time to respond to everyone who wants me to do their homework.

Comments about my work vary drastically, and I appreciate them all. I must, however, stress the fact that I wrote everything on this site off of the top of my head, and so I do not claim it to be scholarly. The summaries are incomplete while the reviews a nd grading my own opinion - I am well aware of this. You are welcome to treasure what I have to say, or hate it as much as I hate Stanford, but realize that I am simply giving you my thoughts on a subject I enjoy discussing.

I have previously had advertisements on this site before, and I am still tempted to allow new ones in at the top. However, I have decided against it. My intentions in creating this site are not to make money, but rather to help people appreciate the great plays that I have come to love reading. Interested advertisers can still send me queries, but will probably not get the response they want.