Club practices are where most of Cal Archery happens. All of our members, from beginners to team members, come to club practices to work on techniques, free shoot, or simply hang out with friends. Club practices are completely open, meaning you can come and leave anytime during the practice hours with no obligations.

ASCENT is more structured and open to anyone who wants to learn archery but is not open shooting. To join, simply show up and you will be taken care of. Team practices are by invite only and not open to general members. If you have previous shooting experience, please email the captains.

Club practices are open unless otherwise noted (by email or Facebook announcement). 

Club members are required to pay club dues,. Semester and annual dues are shown to the right, and it is up to you on which option suits you best. 

Club officers will be monitoring members to check for club dues payments after the deadline. If dues are not payed by the deadline, you will not be able to use our field practice or shoot.

Semester Dues – $75
      Pay semester dues here

Annual Dues – $115
      Pay annual dues here

Roster Registration – Registering for our roster takes two steps.

  • Register for the Sports Clubs membership at
  • Register for Cal Archery on the IM Leagues website



9 AM– 12 PM


4 – 8 PM

 4 – 6 PM 4 – 8 PM

9 AM – 1 PM

(Team only)

Fall 2019 Semester

Directions to the Field

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