DeCal application for Spring 2020 are open! Deadline to apple is January 29th, you can apply here!

DeCal is a program at UC Berkeley created to allow students to lead classes for other students on a vast variety of subjects (learn more about the DeCal program here). Cal Archery has taken advantage of this opportunity to run a weekly class, held by students for students. By taking the class, students have the chance to get to know archery through a planned curriculum. There is no homework or exams, and grade is solely based on attendance. The class is a relaxed environment where students with no experience can learn to shoot and perhaps even graduate to shooting competitively. Moreover, the class provides one P/NP unit! Check the DeCal Courses page and keep an eye out for Archery.

The Archery DeCal has a very high demand each semester, and only so many students can be accepted. If you did not have the chance to try out DeCal this semester and are still interested in shooting, head over to check out our A.S.C.E.N.T. program as this is a better way to learn archery and go on to shooting at a higher level. 

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