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ARRC was founded in 2007 to abridge the social and academic needs that Arab students lacked on the UC Berkeley campus. In 2012, ARRC began cooperating with Bridges and various Recruitment and Retention centers as a core group and hosted its first annual Senior Weekend that year. In the Fall of 2014, ARRC became an official recruitment and retention center and will be working to provide resources for students in the South Asian, South West Asian, North African (SSWANA) community. In 2016, ARRC became MENA-RRC.

Our Team

The People Making It Happen
Sujude Dalieh
Senior Advisor
Kian Talaei
Co-Executive Director
Hanan Sinada
Co-Executive Director
Jenail Mobaraka
Co-Recruitment Director
Amir Shahatit
Co-Recruitment Director
Rami Shahatit
Co-Retention Director
Katebah Alolefi
Co-Retention Director
Jenine Elkady
Transfer Director
Habiba Radwan
Internal Operations Director
Zane Martin
External Operations Director
Bahaar Ahsan
Political Director
Suher Adi
Communications Director

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