Mission: 2063

A decolonial science fiction story set in San Francisco. Privatized space exploration, what could possibly go wrong?

The mural in the opening panel is actually in Clarion Alley. Originally reading "Capitalism is over if you want it to be", it has since had the "if" painted over. The Air Store is inspired by water stores across the world where pollution from mining and industry has contaminated water supplies.

First scene is in 16th St. Mission BART station, imagined as an electromagnetic rail launcher. Last scene is in Dolores Park. Everyone wears hats because they're hipsters and the thinned atmosphere provides little protection from UV radiation.

Have you ever wondered why anti-drug education programs tends to focus on ways the user's life is impacted but rarely touches on the social problems and exploitation in the drug supply chain, or the whole prison-industrial complex? Perhaps this has changed now with growing interest in fair trade food.

Thank you for reading!

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