Measurements and Data


BEARPEX 2009 Measurements

OH and HO2 gradients (LIF), OH reactivity, Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM) Brune

NO gradients, fluxes, and soil emissions (NO instrument, soil chambers), NO2, total ANs, and total PNs gradients and fluxes (TD-LIF) Cohen

Aerosol number-size distribution and hygroscopic properties Covert

Formaldehyde (mid-IR) Faloona

Aerosol composition (TAG) and BVOC gradients and fluxes (PTR-MS) Goldstein

Formaldehyde gradients and fluxes (LIF) and glyoxal and methylglyoxal gradients and fluxes (LIP) Keutsch

HONO REA fluxes Ren

VOC REA fluxes (GC-FID) Schade

APN gradients and fluxes and single height PA radical measurements (CIMS) Thornton

Aerosol fluxes Vong

Organic peroxides and HNO3 fluxes (CIMS) Wennberg


BEARPEX 2007 Measurements

Speciated, multifunctional organic nitrates Atlas

O3 vertical profiles, temperature, and humidity (tethered balloon) Baker

Single-particle fluxes in multiple size bins (water CPCs) Baker/Hering

OH, HO2, RO2 gradients (LIF), OH reactivity, Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM) Brune

Size-resolved aerosol composition (drum sampler) Cahill

NO gradients (NO instrument), NO2, total ANs, total PNs, and HNO3 gradients and fluxes (TD-LIF) Cohen

Aerosol hygroscopic growth and eddy fluxes Covert and Vong

VOC gradients (PIT-MS, PTRMS, GC) DeGouw

Formaldehyde (mid-IR) Faloona

O3 gradients and fluxes, VOC gradients and fluxes (PTRMS, GC, PTRMS-Eddy Covariance) Goldstein

Organic aerosol speciation (TAG) Goldstein/Hering

Chemical aerosol fluxes (total carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur fluxes) (TOFAMS) Jimenez

Formaldehyde measurements (LIF) and glyoxal measurements (LIP) Keutsch

HONO measurements Ren

APN gradients and fluxes (CIMS) Thornton

Organic peroxides and HNO3 fluxes (CIMS) Wennberg

Radiation measurements (Lubin)


Measurements prior to 2007

HNO3, ANs, PNs, NO2, NO, NOy, VOCs, OVOCs, O3, CO, CO2, H2O, air and soil temperature, radiation, aerosol properties, wind, sap velocity, leaf physiology, and soil H2O.


BEARPEX 2007 Data

BEARPEX participants, to access the data archive visit Sign in using your email (non UCB affiliates) or ID number (UCB affiliates) and password. Non UCB affiliates should have received an email containing their password. Data is available under the BEARPEX tab in Resources. Please contact Ellie Browne (ecbrow AT with any questions.

Preliminary data should be uploaded to the bspace archive by October 1, 2009.

Final data should be uploaded by Febuary 1, 2010.

Please remember that all uploaded data needs to follow the ICARTT format. See the ICARTT information specific to BEARPEX on the bspace site and for general instructions.



If interested in collaboration, please contact the appropriate PI.




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