UC Berkeley to house students in tents on Memorial Glade as part of new student housing initiative

School to put up tents to accommodate more students as part of UC Berkeley student housing initiative

Though it may come as a shock to incoming freshmen, it’s no secret to Berkeley students that housing in Berkeley is terrible. UC Berkeley is reportedly one of the few colleges in the world where the living costs are more expensive than tuition.

Housing conditions in Berkeley have become so terrible that even Donald Trump’s hairpiece recently issued a statement saying that it would “think twice about living there”( it should be noted that the hairpiece was a Trump employee, but that it was thinking of terminating its contract in light of recent statements made by Donald Trump).

In an effort to ease the housing situation in Berkeley, the University announced yesterday that they would be setting up tents in Memorial Glade to house more students this year. According to one Berkeley official “Don’t kids camp out when they go to those music festivals? Yeah. Think of it like a great big silent no-alcohol-allowed music festival that lasts all year. Fun right?”

For bathrooms, the University is still deciding on whether or not to install port a potties or forcing kids to go to Doe library which is reportedly “where kids go anyway if they’re on Memorial Glade and need to use the toilet.” University officials are also planning to call the Memorial Glade tent site “Unit 6”- a reference to the fact that units 1-5 still don’t provide enough affordable housing for UC Berkeley students.

When asked how the university planned to get students to fill these tents, Housing Director Hugh Larry pointed towards “posting and advertisement on UC Berkeley Housing page” and going from there.

When asked what he thought about the situation, incoming Berkeley student Roger Kimmel said “I’m relieved, because housing sucks in Berkeley and I think it’s cool that the university is stepping up to do something about it. I mean I know living in a tent might be harsh but I think it’s better than living in unit 3, so I think I might sign up for it.”