Berkeley Students Without Housing Pretty Much Screwed At This Point

Photo Credit: Ian Ransley
With students staying up 24/7 to watch the Housing page on the UC Berkeley FB group, students without confirmed housing for the school year are starting to feel the pinch.

With less than two weeks until the fall semester at UC Berkeley is slated to begin, it has been determined that people who still haven’t found a place to live in the upcoming school year are pretty much screwed at this point.

The situation has become so dire that some students are resigning themselves to a long commute. Senior EECS major and Southern California resident Benjamin Zhu remarked that he was planning on commuting from his home in Los Angeles every day to Berkeley via plane because considering the cost of housing in Berkeley, it would probably be cheaper to live in Los Angeles and fly up to school every day.

Such is the serious of the situation surrounding housing procrastinators that the Chancellor of Berkeley recently issued a statement saying “Damn! You haven’t gotten your housing together yet? What have you been doing all summer? Watching True Detective?!”

The Chancellor concluded his statements by saying that Donald Trump had a better chance of getting into the White House than students who needed housing had of getting an affordable house in Berkeley.