Mech Engineering Major that had all Summer to unpack now leaving for Fall Semester

Smither's luggage. (Photo Credit: TomandEmma)

Recently it was reported that Aaron Smithers, a junior Mechanical Engineering major at Cal, caused a mild scandal when he chose to park his butt in front of his computer all summer rather than unpacking his luggage.

His parents are understandably distraught as while most Cal students have now begun leaving for the school year, Aaron Smithers had yet to deal with the physical and emotional baggage he brought home with him at the end of the spring semester.

While his parents have been on him since May to finish unpacking his bags, Smithers had placated them by saying that he would “eventually” get around to it. But now, it seems that Smithers might never get that chance as many students have begun moving into Berkeley for the academic year.

Citing exhaustion from the engineering class that  that left him “drained, exhausted and utterly done” last semester, Smithers had reportedly taken up to holing up in his room to cope with the trauma going through the Mechanical Engineering 120 Class Computational Biomechanics Across Multiple Scales. 

According to the noted American and British philosophers, Phineas and Ferb Fletcher, there are approximately “104 days of summer vacation.” The researchers also noted that while most millennials today were having trouble finding exactly how to spend their summers, Smithers seemed to solve this problem by sitting at home and playing the popular online game League of Legends all day, though they noted that this might have been a coping strategy due to the traumatic effects of mechanical engineering classes.

When asked about his thoughts on the situation, Smithers remarked that despite his laziness, it seemed that not unpacking over the course of the summer proved to be most efficient course of action, before collapsing on the floor at the thought of taking more mechanical engineering courses this year.