RSF to offer “Feel the Bern” fitness classes based on Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders supporters running in the RSF gym
That berning sensation that you're feeling in your glutes is called patriotism. PC Credit: NACDublin

A Bernie Sanders inspired workout is being taught at the RSF by junior econ major Angela Steinberg

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the RSF would be offering “Feel the Bern” classes based on workouts from Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The RSF decided to implement its new classes after seeing Sander’s surging popularity in New Hampshire, and with millennials nationwide.

The class is being led by junior Economics major Angela Steinberg, who shouted at a recent class “If a 70-year-old man can run for President, then you can run on a treadmill. That berning sensation you’re feeling in your hamstrings is called patriotism!” Steinberg’s Sanders inspired workout is all inclusive and features everything from treadmills to high intensity exercises.

The Bernie Sanders workout is currently one of many being offered at the RSF. At the sit-up bench nearby, an instructor offering the “Hillary Clinton” workout promises to make your abs as cold and hard as the cash paid to Clinton by Goldman Sachs.

The Sanders workout doesn’t necessarily promise to make your fat disappear like Martin O’ Malley, but it does guarantee giving each part of your body a fair shot at working out. Though the Sanders workout is arguably more taxing on the rich fatty parts of the body, studies show that students who take it on are more prepared and ready to take on college.

The Bernie Sanders workout stands in direct contrast to the Donald Trump workout, which bills itself as “the greatest workout ever” and consists of “exercising one’s lips profusely” in order to give the appearance of working out, but in reality accomplishes very little.

Students wishing to join the movement are urged to sign up quickly, as Bernie Sanders workout classes are quickly becoming more crowded than the republican primary field.


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