BREAKING First time in 50 years Sproul Flyer did not end up in recycle

[BREAKING] The Berkeley Beet has confirmed reports that at 11:03 am this morning junior Matey Bakir successfully gave freshman Kalyn Lilly a flyer that she did not immediately throw away. Interestingly enough, Lilly has considered attending the event on the flyer, stating: “at first I just accepted the flyer on the count of not being awkward… but I read the flyer right before I planned to throw it away and decided to keep it.”  

The last time a flyer did not end up in the recycle (1966)

What many students do not realize is that this incident sets an important precedent for the future of Sproul Flyering. The last time a flyer was successfully handed to another student without immediately ending up in the recycle bin was when Mario Savio handed a flyer to a fellow student 50 years ago  during the 1966 Free Speech Movement.

Since Savio’s historic flyering victory, flyers have primarily contributed to UC Berkeley’s recycling diversion rate of 54%. [1]

In response to today’s events, a pledge from UC Berkeley’s Delta Sigma Pi who preferred to remain anonymous told the Beet, “As someone who flyers for 15 hours a week, I think it’s monumental. Bakir gives me hope that someone might take my flyer too. It makes me feel like my flyering matters.”

Matey Bakir was unavailable for a comment.


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