Foothill Dining Hall Utilizes Dorm Rats as Locally Sourced Ingredient

Earlier this week, Cal Dining announced their latest local ingredients night at Foothill dining hall— PieRats in the CaRatbean. Cal Dining plans on combining the mysterious and charming life of a pirate with locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create an unforgettable dining experience for all students. The excellent chefs at Cal Dining have created a unique menu incorporating the local ingredient of the day— the rats in the dorms. “ What better way to get rid of rats than by eating them?” reasoned the manager of Foothill dining hall. “They’re fresh, they’re local, they’re delicious; most importantly, they’re free. This might even become an annual event, because it’s not like Foothill is going to run out of rats anytime soon.” The menu includes all the great rat cuisines, such as: sweet & sour rat, caramelized rat pizza, Korean rat fries, and many more. There is even a burrito bar with rat-infused toppings like shredded rat, sour rat cream, and “ruacamole”, where the avocado is seasoned with rat fur.

This idea was received very well by the students. “ I absolutely love this idea!” reported freshman Corey Gibbel. “Now I don’t have to go all the way to Taco Bell for burritos made of vermin.” ”

“ We are really excited about this opportunity,” said the manager. “Even in something simple as serving food, here at Cal Dining we try to be different. That’s why we incorporated the pirate theme into the event, and this time around, the hidden treasures are delicious rats.”

So, don’t forget to come out next week for an exciting night of food, drinks and rodents, where diners can embark on a journey with captain Rat Sparrow to discover dimensions of your palate you didn’t even know existed.

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