Hero student adds frame to Facebook profile picture, single handedly ends racism

"I stand with people of color," she wrote while seated within the comfort of her own home.

 In the face of an increasingly racist and bigoted society, one student activist has decided to risk everything in her fight for social justice. UC Berkeley junior Tessa White recently made a bold statement by adding a frame to her Facebook profile picture. The powerful words “Stand Against Racism,” emblazoned on a photo of Tessa holding a Starbucks frappuccino, serve as a reminder to all her Facebook friends that Tessa is not racist and, in fact, opposes racism. As for the caption? I stand with people of color, she wrote while seated within the comfort of her own home.

Initially nervous about posting about an edgy topic like racism, Tessa almost went with the “I Stand” frame in response to the NFL take-a-knee protests. “I definitely feel like people should stand for the national anthem,” she explained, “but the ‘Stand Against Racism’ frame looked better with my outfit.”

As soon as she posted the picture, America instantly became a better place. Employers started giving people of color an equal chance, white supremacist groups disbanded, and Trump himself quit his part-time job as President to pursue his golf career.  “I just feel like everyone should get along,” said White, whose picture was flooded with likes and positive comments. “And I don’t consider myself a hero,” she added demurely. “Just doing what I can to help all people- because all lives matter, of course.”

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