What We Do


Past meetings have involved reversing custom-built Windows malware, setting up a network intrusion monitor with any Linux machine in less than 5 minutes, and cracking ciphers for security capture-the-flag competitions.

There is no required experience level to join.


Our team competes in the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition each year.

WRCCDC 2017: 5th
WRCCDC 2016: 3rd
NCCDC 2015: 2nd
WRCCDC 2015: 1st
NCCDC 2014: 5th
WRCCDC 2014: 1st
WRCCDC 2013: 2nd

Join a Team

You can get involved right away. You can join the Internal team, which organizes CTFs, socials, and student-run talks. Or you can join the External team, which organizes events with companies, handles recruitment, and engages with CS 161.


Join (Spring 2018)

Applications for SP18 are now open! http://bit.ly/join-berke1337


Veeral Patel


I am a CS sophomore. I like watching The Office, playing Coup, and traveling to far off lands. I was Time Magazine's Person of Year in 2006.


Jasmine Singh

External - DeCal

- I'm a Computer Science and Math freshman who enjoys all things technical, especially blockchain, machine learning, and cryptography. If I'm not coding, you can find me strumming a guitar or paging through the SEP.


Rahul Gupta

External - DeCal

-I'm a 2nd year EECS student interested in making (machine learning) systems secure. I was part of a (rather large) group that broke a Guinness World Record in Fall '17.


Jack Ji

External - Industrial Relations

I am currently a sophomore with a major in CS. I have a rather small number of hobbies including music, hitting the gym, and taking math classes that I don't need just to get crushed. Finally, I hope this is a "fun" fact: I love Professor Hilfinger.


Anoosha Balebail

External - Industrial Relations

-Hello! I'm Anoosha, a freshman and a computer science/data science major. I enjoy all kinds of sports (specifically martial arts!), gaming and Netflix marathons. Fun fact: I've never tried avocado.


Yian Liou

External - Booking & Admin

-I'm a junior studying EECS. Enjoys short distance running,tennis, blitzing blindfold chess with my friends. Went to Cambridge for C2C (Similar to CTFs), found that to be a lot of fun. Retired from serious chess play for the most part.


Billy Zhao

Internal - 161 Workshops

I'm a 3rd year EECS doing research in wireless sensor systems. I like fishing.




EECS Junior with an interest in backend systems. Currently trying to get a HAM radio license.


Add @berke1337.berkeley.edu to all e-mail addressess


Interested in sponsoring Berke1337 or hosting a recruiting event? Email us at berke1337-admin@lists.berkeley.edu.

A few companies we've hosted info sessions with:

Contact Us

Any questions at all? Email us at berke1337-admin@lists.berkeley.edu. We usually reply within the day.