Berkeley Indonesian Student Association
About Us
The Berkeley Indonesian Student Association (BISA) was established in 1985. Over the past two decades, it has gone through a series of changes with the purpose of creating stronger friendships between Indonesian students in the UC Berkeley campus.

BISA is created by the students and for the students. Through continuously building a larger and closer community, we aim to support each other as the people we are now and the people we will soon become.
Philmon Samuel Tanuri

Philmon is a Junior at UC Berkeley, double-majoring in Business and Economics. This is his second year on the Officers Team; he served as an Event Organizer in 2014-2015. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and watching various TV shows.
Richard Adrian
Vice President

Richard is a third year at UC Berkeley majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. He will be manning the post of Vice President this semester after serving as an Event Director last academic year. When he's out and about, Richard enjoys diving, kick-boxing, and the occasional fun night out.
Melissa Wongso

Melissa is a Sophomore at UC Berkeley, intending to major in Psychology and Business. This is her first year on the Officers Team. She takes pleasure in watching K-drama series and babysitting.
Jusuf Aurum Merukh

Jusuf is a Senior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. This is his second year serving as the treasurer of bisa. He enjoys being near the sea.
Farrah Tiffany Steven
Head of Professional Development

Farrah is a Junior studying Economics in UC Berkeley. This is her second year on the Officer Team; she previously served as the Secretary of BISA. During her free time, she enjoys baking, hanging out with people, and watching movies and TV shows.
Latasha Safira Harahap
Head of Social Events

Latasha is a Sophomore at UC Berkeley, intending to major in Psychology. This is her first year on the Officer Team; but she served as the Head of the Event Organizer committee for Nusantara 2015. In her free time, she enjoys singing, hanging out with friends and planning events.
Bryan Silfanus
Head of Student Affairs

Bryan is currently a Sophomore at UC Berkeley intending to double major in Economics and Business. As the Head of Student Affairs, he is excited to meet and help Indonesian students here in UC Berkeley. In his spare time, he enjoys playing FIFA, basketball, and eating a lot of food.
Natya Admira Dharmosetio
Head of Creativity Management

Natya is currently a sophomore majoring in architecture. This is her first year on the Officer Board, but she helped with various design agendas for Nusantara 2015. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures, playing piano and hanging out with friends.
Adriana Salim

Adriana is a Sophomore majoring in Architecture. She enjoys playing piano and watching TV shows during her spare time. This is her first year on the Officers Team, serving as the Head of Documentation for 2015-2016.
Bernardus Billy Tjiptoning

Billy is a Senior majoring in Computer Science at UCB. Billy started to be involved in BISA ever since he joined the web team for Nusantara - BISA's 30th anniversary event. He enjoys collecting playing cards and buying computer gadgets. And he likes Sharetea - Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea to be precise.