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1. Getting GARNOME

1.1 Download TLA

Source Tarballs
Fedora: yum install tla
Debian: apt-get install tla

Note: This howto requires tla-1.2 or newer.

1.2 Basics of TLA

To get a list of all commands.

tla help

To get more info about a specific command.

tla command -H

1.3 Default checking rules (optional)

You can optionally create default checking rules. This is a good idea if you don't want to create checking rules on a per archive basis. This will be used by all archives that require gpg checking and that don't have a per archive checking rules file.

Make a dir called signing and create a file in it for signature checking. (Please make sure that you have gnupg installed)

mkdir -p ~/.arch-params/signing

Create a file called ~/.arch-params/signing/=default.check with the gpg checking rule in it.

echo "gpg --verify-files -" > ~/.arch-params/signing/=default.check

1.3.1 Per archive checking rules

Let's create our checking rules on a per archive basis. Since we want rules that are specific for our archive and don't necessarily want to force all of our other archives (if you happen to have other archives) to use these rules we'll create a separate checking rules file. (Please make sure that you have gnupg installed)

If you haven't done so already, create the signing directory.

mkdir -p ~/.arch-params/signing

Create a file called ~/.arch-params/signing/ with the gpg checking rule in it.

echo "gpg --verify-files -" > ~/.arch-params/signing/

1.4 Getting the archive

List of available archives

We now need to grab Paul's GPG public key by running the command.

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 36ED0708

Now register the archive project name and location where GARNOME resides.

tla register-archive

Let's check to see if the archive was registered. This should output the archive project name and location.

tla archives

To see what branches/versions are available for GARNOME from this archive.

tla abrowse

Okay, now we're ready to grab the latest version of the GARNOME archive.

tla get garnome--stable

Now just copy and to and respectively.

cd garnome--stable
cp; cp

Now just cd into the desktop/ dir and start GARNOME.

cd garnome--stable/desktop
make paranoid-install

1.5 Updating the archive

So now that we have the GARNOME archive how do we update it?

cd garnome--stable
tla update

Once we've updated our tree we can build the new packages.

cd garnome--stable/platform; make install
cd garnome--stable/desktop; make install

Note: You should also run a make install in whatever garball directory that you've built that is not included in desktop/ or platform/ if necessary.

1.6 Seeing the changes

To see a log of the changes that have occurred.

tla logs -sD

To see a list of the changes in a specific patch. For i.e. to see changes in patch-27.

tla cat-log patch-27

To see a detailed output of the changes via diff that have occurred since a particular patch.

tla changes -q --diffs

If the output is too long, you can pipe it into a file to view later.

tla changes -q --diffs > changes-patch-31-2004-03-18

1.7 Joining a new branch

So what happens when there is a new branch version release?

Check to see what branch version you're currently using.

cd garnome--stable
tla tree-version

Check to see if a new branch version is available.

tla versions

Make sure that the current tree is up-to-date.

tla update

Join the new branch.

tla join-branch

Set the version of your current tree to the new branch.

tla set-tree-version

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