47th Issue

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K. M. English | us use all parts the bone Claire Marie Stancek | from Oil Spell Fatima Espiritu | Antebelluminous | Hurryer \_\_\_ thruu \[———— …… ++++] T. H. Carter | Dusk Larynx | Prepositions Tessa Micaela | wind chill | the problem with choking Kwoya Fagin | Blueberry Poem Keith Donnell | Amazing Grace II Steven Alvarez | hemisphere: devastation of the Yndies Isabel Acevedo | Aubade Cole Swensen | from Agnes Martin: Homage to Untitled Life Ethan Plaue | Obiter (#2) | from At Once Shane Book | Bang This In the Hood | Stole My Wife Peter Twal | You Think Over and Over “Hey, I’m Finally Dead” Evelyn Gemberling | UntitledUnsureUnstable Momtaza Mehri | Paranatal | Give Me Your Catalogue | Negromancer Cheyenne Nimes | New Pages. e bond | from iteration Hoa Nguyen I Revenge Poem | Perhaps You Too Will Die by Drinking Hot Bull’s Blood Sean Collins | a mouth like mine | fingernail forest CAConrad | Cremation Cocktail | Cherry Blossom Pentacle Paul Siegell | M\_\_TM\_\_\_RE (83) | M\_\_TM\_\_\_RE (143) Ansley Clark | Dim Tanya Muzumdar | I, Nipple, | Inviolate Michael Gray | Letter Written at a Transit Center in Pierce County John James | Mountain Song Lilian Ha | Scene from a Midwestern Pond Andie Francis | This Poem Is Not About a Folk Song | Monsoon Season Ariana Brown | Measure Glenn Shaheen | Impotence Eric Sneathen | Sonnets for Gaétan Dugas Kimberly Ann Priest | Practice | Hunter’s Moon Jane Wong | The Snow That Fell Sueyeun Juliette Lee | Tree Shine | Fjord Shine | Move under a white carcass Amy Narneeloop | Meditation on In Search Of Emily Jungmin Yoon | An Ordinary Misfortune Jose Trejo Maya | Tonalpohualli Emily Wallis Hughes | Hydrochloride Forest Treatment | This I Dorothea Lasky | At night the snakes | Desire Peter Covino | Ligature David Alejandro Hernandez | from Clara: A Prophecy Beatrice Szymkowiak | Winter Came Early Darren C. Demaree | blue and blue and blue #106

The cover art for our 47th issue is by Sofie Ramos.