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Scott and Form IV Students (39 KB)
Scott & Form IV Students
Residents of Mugaa (57 KB)
Residents of Mugaa
Residents of Kianjoya (27 KB)
Residents of Kianjoya
Gazelle (female) (46 KB)
Gazelle (female)
Water Buffalo (24 KB)
Water Buffalo
Bird (Bee-eater?) (23 KB)
Bird (Bee-eater?)
Steam and Rock Formation (38 KB)
Steam and Rock Formation
Sunrise (33 KB)
Hippo Skull (38 KB)
Hippo Skull
Cheetah (35 KB)
Cheetah Scratching Post (26 KB)
Cheetah "Scratching Post"
Simba (43 KB)

By:  Brian W. Carver (1999)