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Carrot: Miaow, meow, miaow, miaow, meow, meow, meow. 

Brian: Carrot, would you mind if I translate for the people from here on? 

Carrot: Miaow. 

Brian: Thanks.  The people appreciate it too. 

Carrot: Hi.  My name is Carrot.  I am five years old and, as my photos will show, I have a lovely orange coat.  But, now I am getting ahead of myself.  My web pages will describe my life story, detail my favorite pastimes, and most importantly, demonstrate my stunning good looks.    And since I read all of Brian's e-mail when he isn't home, feel free to write me at his address with any comments.  Enjoy! 

Brian: Hey Carrot, what's this about my e-mail? 

Carrot: Never you mind that.  Just shut-up and keep translating.  This is my web page.  Get your own. 

Brian: I do have my own page, several in fact. 

Carrot: Didn't I tell you to shut-up? 

Brian: Oh yes.  Sorry.  You were saying?

Me Lounging About
Carrot: I was telling people what I'm putting on my web page, but since you keep interrupting I'll just show them.  Here it is:

Carrot: Her life. Her Times.

Brian: Isn't that heading a little dramatic? 

Carrot: Look you.  I'll put whatever headings I please on my page, including subheadings such as: 

The Amazing Autobiography of Carrot

Carrot: Now, as I was about to say, Brian was the third person that I lived with in a building on Balboa Island during the first five incredible years of my life.  Basically what happened was that different people came to live in that building of mine, and they were so helpless, and for some reason I have a soft spot for humans, and so I adopted them and let them stay in my building. 

Brian: I wasn't helpless! 

Carrot: Oh please.  I've seen you cook.  Now, what you see on the right is me in the little patio area.  Although now I stay with Brian, I once lived upstairs in that building with my previous adopted human. (Hi Shauna!)  Before that I was downstairs with a different human. And most recently I have moved back closer to my hometown and dragged Brian along. So, as you can see, that is a lot of activity.  (And Brian thought I was being over-dramatic.  It's hard to overestimate the extent of the adventures that I've had...)

Just outside my building

Carrot: I am now pleased to report that through the miracle of hypnotic regression therapy, I have recovered memories of my earliest days.  I was born in Corona.  My mother's name is Cleo.  I was born into a nice community of cats.  There was Chuck, Jake, Betty and... 

Brian: Ahem.  Excuse me, Carrot.  "Hypnotic regression therapy"? 

Carrot: Yes.  Your point? 

Brian: Isn't the truth that you received this letter from your human friends that Cleo lived with?  You're over-dramatizing again.  Me as a youngster
Carrot: I'd like to take this moment to remind you that this is my page!  How am I supposed to direct people's attention to the darling pictures of me as a youngster above, with your constant interruptions?  I get no respect.  And I was just about to point out to everyone how good I am to you by showing them the photo of me allowing you to sit outside with me. 

Brian: Sorry.  Please continue.

Sitting with Brian
Carrot: If you know anything about Brian, you probably know that he is from Alabama, and attended the  University of Alabama as an undergraduate. I have never been to Alabama with him as I really hate cars and planes and such.  I'm a Southern Californian native, myself, and prefer to just kick back and relax as you see on the right.  Which brings me to: 

Carrot's Favortie Pastimes:

Sleeping on the bed. 
Sleeping in the recliner. 
Sleeping on the cat condo. 
Sleeping in front of the recliner. 
Sleeping on Brian in the recliner.
On the Bama towel

Bye now! Carrot: Well, as you probably have guessed by now, I stay pretty busy what with all the sleeping I have to do and then there is the chasing bugs, and well, I just don't know how I do it all.  So, making this web page is really cutting into my time for those other important pursuits.  Please do send me an e-mail telling me how beautiful I am, and perhaps letting me know about your web page.  I'll save some space here to put links up to those that I meet via the web.  (No human web pages please, I'm looking to meet a manly male cat who can accept the fact that I am the boss.) 

Feline Links:

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News Flash! - Through my web page I've established contact with my older (adopted) aunt?, Rikki.  Read a letter from Rikki.

On January 7, 2014 Carrot went to sleep for the last time, surrounded by her family.

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