Gottlob Frege (1848-1925)

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Gottlob Frege

Books and Quotations by Frege

Frege's Works in English
Mathematical Quotations by Frege
                                                 Frege's former house in Jena

Frege-related Book Information

Frege Reader Frege Primary and Secondary Literature
Frege's House

Frege-related Papers Online

Comparing Frege and Russell by Kent Bach
Julius Caesar and the Number 2 by Jill Dieterle
Frege-Russell Semantics? by Howard Wettstein
Two Frege-related papers by Edward N. Zalta

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Chronology of Frege's Correspondence

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Frege Electronic Mailing List on E-Groups

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Rainer Born has several pages on Frege
Bjorn's Frege Page

Resources in German

Frege, die moderne Logik und Jena
Timeline of Frege's life
Bibliographie der Schriften Freges

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