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We strive to recruit underrepresented students of color into higher education at all levels,
and are committed to providing resources to retain these students.

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Mission Statement

Through multicultural collaboration, bridges Multicultural Resource Center seeks to:

  • Empower underrepresented, students of color to pursue opportunities for post-secondary education.

  • Provide support for newly admitted first year, transfer, as well as continuing and re-entry students of color.
  • Increase cross-cultural dialogue and solidarity, cultural awareness, and political mobilization.

  • Acquire the financial, institutional and physical resources to facilitate the work of member organizations.

The Seven RCCs

The bridges Multicultural Resource Center is a coalition made up of 7 recruitment and retention centers:

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There are different ways where you can stay connected with us.

The bridges Multicultural Resource Center needs your help in raising funds for all of the programs that is held. With your donation, we can continue to recruit and retain hxstorically, marginalized students of color into higher education. Donations can be made in this link.


We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.