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Berkeley Students for a Sovereign Taiwan (BST), founded in 1997, is a grassroots organization based on the U.C. Berkeley campus dedicated to the international recognition of Taiwan as an independent and democratic nation. BST addresses issues of social justice and self-determination in Taiwan througsh political activism. BST engages in political action through educational awareness campaigns in the United States to encourage the establishment of proactive foreign policy in favor of Taiwan?s sovereignty and independence. BST seeks to build a strong, cohesive and sustainable community of people who are concerned with Taiwanese sovereignty and Taiwan?s nation-formation. BST is a vehicle for thoughtful action, made up of a coalition of people of all ethnicities, including first and second generation Taiwanese-Americans and other Americans.
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  • BST's members are grassroots activists concerned about issues pertaining to Taiwan sovereignty and democracy and come from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. BST also frequently works in collaboration with other social justice and human rights organizations such as Students for a Free Tibet and the Progressive Student Alliance.

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